The Apple product trend, the power of buying

iPhone maker Apple obviously has a lot of fans for its various products that are available, but there are also a high number of consumers who wouldn’t dream of buying an Apple product with the high price often given as a reason, but Apple has a good product trend with the power of consumers always looking to buying the devices on offer from the company.

A survey has recently been conducted by ask your target market, in an effort to find out about subjective feelings and opinions about the products from Apple, and asked a collection of people a number of questions.

First they were asked if they had ever actually owned an Apple device such as an iPhone, iPod, or computer, which saw 52.1 percent saying yes and 47.9 percent saying no. This could possibly mean that almost 48 percent of the US consumers asked the question are not too fussed about owning an Apple product, or can’t afford them.

They were also asked if they currently own an Apple product and out of 1042 respondents 88 percent said yes with 11.9 percent saying no. When it comes to the devices that are actually owned the big majority have the iPod at 71.1 percent, while the iPhone achieved 36.4 percent.

This was followed by the iPad on 27.1 percent and the MacBook Air or Pro with 14.4 percent, and bringing up the rear was the Apple TV and Mac Mini on 3.4 percent. Those that actually own an Apple device 45.8 percent were very satisfied with their purchase, which compares at the other end of the scale with 1.4 percent not satisfied at all.

There were many Apple owners that wished they had the iPad with 30.9 percent wanting one, while 21.3 percent dreamed of owning the iPhone. A massive 75.6 percent of those questioned said that Apple would have to lower their prices to get their business, with 19.3 percent saying that there is nothing that the company could do to make them buy their products.

There were many that thought that Apple’s marketing was either creative or effective, but a big majority of those questioned believed that Apple’s products were overpriced, with 36.7 agreeing and 20.8 percent strongly agreeing. Check the link out above to see the full survey results.

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2 thoughts on “The Apple product trend, the power of buying”

  1. popelife says:

    Hang on, if 57% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that they felt Apple products were overpriced, that means 43% felt they weren’t overpriced. It’s stretching it to say that 57% is a “big majority”. I think consumers may also be equating “overpriced” with “I don’t want to pay that much for a computer”. Not the same thing. For some, cost is an overriding factor in their choice of car, while others are prepared to pay a premium for build quality and/or performance. Does that mean BMW / Audi / Mercedes etc are overpriced? Apple have mostly chosen to make well-specified and well-built products and ignore the low-spec cheap and cheerful market. No-one can criticise them for that.

    1. HookedOnTabs says:

      Paying $6.25 per GB on an iPad, has nothing to do with luxury, just luxury tax. Considering that the majority of Apples solid state memory came from Samsung.
      Not allowing a user to chose extending storage by SD, but forcing them to buy 16gbs for $100. Now their newest trick pony, changing the charging port from 30 to 9 pins, and slapping a mandatory $30 charge for a 30 cent item.
      Rendering 75% of all physical plug and play Apple speakers as useless or awkward looking to say the least.
      Real luxury my friend.
      Just the lack of expandable on board memory removed any Apple device from my wish list.
      The Galaxy Notes 2 has out classed the iPhones by a massive percentage, not even counting baby screens. BTW, even real luxury automobiles, like Bentley and Ferrari, have removable batteries, unlike an iPhone.
      If Apple didn’t provide training wheels on their products, would they still have the sales numbers they now command?
      If Apples buyers were just 15% more computer literate, Apple would not be able to rob them blind. They would know better and invest them selves into using richly featured products like the Galaxy Note 10.1, which luxury feature wise, is light years beyond the iPad.
      Too bad they don’t have an IOS app for “uninformed”.
      Then there are those that equate Apple with “Class as opposed to tech challenged”.
      Just saying…
      So you think over priced and under featured products constitutes luxury? Interesting to say the least.

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