Vodafone Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update release as O2 stalls briefly

The ongoing saga of Android hardware being updated to later versions of the operating system continue, as handsets that are only a few months old are still waiting to be upgraded. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is arguably the flagship device on the platform, but a large percentage of owners are waiting to see the Android Jelly Bean update, and now we have news of a Vodafone release as O2 update stalls briefly.

Last week we told you that the Jelly Bean update had hit the UK with the champion of unlimited data, Three. Users started to receive the update on Thursday that spread to more customers of the network over the weekend.

Meanwhile the new software update was supposed to kick off on Friday for O2 users, after the carrier took to its Community pages to announce the news. Trouble is the carrier later updated the page to announce there was a problem and the release of Android Jelly Bean was put on hold while they worked with Samsung to work out what was wrong.

Luckily though it now seems a solution to the issue was quickly found as users are reporting that they have received the new software this morning, with some getting it via an over the air update. Rival UK carrier Vodafone also took to their support pages to announce the availability of Jelly Bean for the Galaxy S3 from today.

The company will be releasing the new software in a staggered release so customers will be notified over the coming days when the update becomes available to them, and it will be pushed out via an over the air update as well. Users are advised to complete the update via a stable Wi-Fi connection as the file size is quite big, and the update can also be done via Samsung’s KIES application.

In the UK that just leaves customers on Orange, T-Mobile, and SIM free owners of the handset, and at the time of writing there is still no news when it will become available for these customers. Now older Samsung hardware, such as the Galaxy S2, has been promised to get Jelly Bean in the coming months according to the company over the weekend.

Has your Galaxy S3 received Android 4.1 Jelly Bean yet?


25 thoughts on “Vodafone Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update release as O2 stalls briefly”

    1. Rjay says:

      I think its strange that Sim Free phones have not had it yet and it makes me wonder if Samsung are skipping 4.1.1 and are going to go straight to 4.1.2? There must be a reason why they have not released it for unbranded phones.

    1. WeeBugg says:

      Do it via Kies to “jump the queue” as the release is being staggered by all the networks OTA – 3 phones on Kies has been available since last week

  1. artigat1 says:

    Still waiting for my sim free to update. How come the carriers with all their bundled crap are able to release it BEFORE the sim free version is released. Surely that should have been ready before the carriers got their hand on it?

  2. Kong says:

    It will be weeks or months be for Orange/T-Mobile (EE) get the update. They will be messing with the update to remove ota updating and adding no real value. That has been my experience of T-Mobile over the last 6 months.

  3. LogicalThinker says:

    Got it via KIES this morning (on Vodafone). Main features are Google Now and general improvement in the speed of the UI. Also, notifications are more detailed (i.e. You will see most the e-mail or SMS content in the notification list rather than just sender/subject) – I think this is due to the requirement for more detailed notifications by Google Now. Happy with the update so far, but haven’t tried all of my applications yet.

  4. KF says:

    Well I am on T-Mobile. That just sucks apparently. I don’t understand how other carriers are rolling out the update and mine hasn’t even announced a release date.

  5. Headboppindrolf says:

    Patiently waiting as im on a sim free contract via phones4u so I am technically on an unbranded phone so kind of hopeful for the Vodaphone update (minus the bloat ware which I guess is highly optomistic of me) or wait a few months more for the release from Samsung.

    All in all I’m very happy with my S3 and don’t see what all the fuss is about. You don’t whine about buying a car then a few months down the line they release a new version with electric windows…

  6. ashman says:

    I’m on Vodafone UK and am still waiting. Mine keeps telling me to try later and kies won’t even connect to my phone. Frustrating because I know the update is there.

    1. Rjay says:

      It is perfectly obvious you already have an iPhone and have never had a Samsung S3. Good luck with Apple Maps, the back cover which scratches easily, the WiFi which does not connect, the flickering screen and last but not least, the purple haze on your pictures taken with the iPhone 5’s badly designed camera.

      With or without JB the S3 is a far better phone than the iPhone 5, as some say the S3 is what the iPhone 6 will be..

      By the way I got my JB update on Vodafone Monday morning via Kies. I too had the connection problem after the Kies update but I managed to get round it by running Kies as administrator. Now I have JB on my S3 Kies connects perfectly which makes me think the Kies update was to fix a known compatibility bug with JB. If that is so then it should have been done in a way that Kies does not install the update if you are not running JB on your phone.

      To be honest there is not too much difference between JB and ICS that I can see but I have not had a good look yet. I guess the bigest change is Google Now.

  7. ashman says:

    I’m still waiting for my update from Vodafone. I can’t get kies to connect to my phone either. Does anybody know how long the update rollout takes?

  8. I received a tweet from @orangehelpers which said “before we will release any software updates, we have to be certain that they are compatible with the handset features. we currently do not have an ETA for the release of jelly bean”. This was tweeted 2 days ago!!

  9. stipular says:

    still not got it. orange and samsung suck ass with updating. but always been slow. never will change unfortinatly. orange told me they are just waiting for samsung to ok everything they done and then its up to them to roll it out to consumers of handsets.orange said its out of there hands now and its samsung that is causing the delays now with the update release. so they said they may just tie it in to something that is comin out or happening in a few weeks. said may hopefuly get it near the middle to end of novemeber as long as samsung ok it in time and send it out quick enough.

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