Kindle Fire and HD and Paperwhite UK sales begin

If you are over here in the United Kingdom and have been somewhat jealous of our American cousins being able to purchase and play with the latest Kindle devices from Amazon, and would love to own a Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD or the new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite devices then you are in luck.

According to an article over on Engadget, Amazon has now finally brought their latest Kindle devices over the pond to the UK, so us Brits can now purchase if desired either the Amazon Kindle Fire, Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Amazon Kindle Paperwhite from their online UK store.

Apparently the firms branded video services didn’t make it across the Atlantic, so the Lovefilm app has launched on the Kindle Fire to deliver all your movie needs, and will support such Amazon stuff as Whispersync, pause and resume, watch list and X-Ray for Movies, which delivers more information on actors and scenes.

I’m pretty sure that most here in the United Kingdom already know what the Amazon devices offer in the way of specifications so I wont go over them here, but will let you know that both the Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD in the UK come with a month’s free subscription to Lovefilm, and users can login to Lovefilm using their Amazon account.

As for pricing for the UK Amazon devices, the Amazon Kindle Fire will set you back 129 quid, whilst the Amazon Kindle Fire HD commands a price tag of 159 quid, and the Kindle Paperwhite will hit the pocket for 109 quid, and all available to purchase as of right now from Amazon UK.

So there you have it, will any of our Brit readers be hitting up Amazon to purchase one of the Kindle devices?

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