iOS 6 untethered jailbreak still on cards but bad news for tablets

We know that many readers are waiting for an iOS 6 untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 5 and we’ve been following all the developments very closely for some weeks now. There’s some good and bad news today as we’ve heard the untethered jailbreak is still on the cards for the iPhone 5. However the bad news is that new rules now make it illegal to jailbreak the iPad or other tablets.

Recently we told how prominent members of the jailbreaking community were close to a tethered iPhone 5 jailbreak but it seemed they may be holding back on releasing as they were working on a preferred iOS 6 untethered jailbreak. We then heard of speculation that the iOS 6 untethered jailbreak may be on hold until after Apple releases the next iOS 6 update, iOS 6.0.1. News today is from renowned jailbreaker @musclenerd from the iPhone Dev Team who has pointed to a new ruling from the DMCA. This new ruling means that although the iOS 6 untethered jailbreak could still make it for the iPhone 5, jailbreaking iPads will now be illegal.

As you can imagine this has sent shockwaves through the jailbreaking community among the many enthusiasts who enjoy using jailbroken iOS devices, with forums and social networks set buzzing, as reported by iDigitalTimes. The DMC (Digital Millennium Copyright) is a copyright law established in the 90s, which attempts to control piracy but when appropriate allows for certain exemptions to the usual rules. Apple was pretty miffed when in 2010 it was declared legal to jailbreak iOS devices but those exemptions are just about to expire with new rules coming in on October 28.

Unfortunately the new rulings mean that although jailbreaking phones will still be legal the exemption for tablet devices has been removed. Hence it will be illegal from October 28, only two days away, to jailbreak your iPad. Another part of the new ruling means that unless you purchased your cell phone before January 2013 it will soon be illegal to unlock it outside of a carrier. This is a huge deal for those who like freedom of their devices and the new rules will stay in place for the next three years meaning many iPad and other device owners will face disappointment.

The first to bring this news to many was @musclenerd who posted the following tweet, “Unlocking is no longer an explicit DMCA exemption : ( Neither is jailbreaking iPads (important: no exemption! = illegal,” which of course got everyone talking. On another note though @musclenerd also tweeted that the DMCA ruling found no “significant relationship between jailbreaking and piracy.” Members of the Chronic Dev and the iPhone Dev teams have always stressed that they are strongly opposed to piracy so at least that has been acknowledged by the DMCA. Please remember that any iPhone 5 untethered jailbreaks you see advertised at the moment are likely to be scams so we urge you to wait for the real deal.

At Phones Review we cannot recommend that readers jailbreak their devices though but we also know how many people do and so we’ll continue to bring you all the news and development on this. The only glimmer of hope we can see in any of this is that now an untethered iOS 6 jailbreak doesn’t have to take iPads into account, perhaps getting it to the iPhone 5 may be a step nearer. Our jailbreaking posts usually prompt a big response from readers and we are extremely interested to find out what you all think about this DMCA ruling.

Are you an iPhone 5 owner and just hope it may mean the iOS 6 untethered jailbreak may now be slightly quicker to release? Maybe you’re an iPad user and cannot fathom not being able to jailbreak your device? Let us know with your comments.


83 thoughts on “iOS 6 untethered jailbreak still on cards but bad news for tablets”

  1. ileroy says:

    I jailbreak my Ipad for the convenience of having access to my files and the ability to upload files in Safari. I always cautiously wait for a stable jailbreak before updating. There is nothing Apple can add to an update that will entice me to upgrade and lose my jailbreak.

  2. Name says:

    my aunt was about to by an ipad for her 5 year old daughter to play on and she asked me to jailbreak it to install installous and i responded to wait for a few more weeks till a jailbreak comes out. now i cant do it since its illegal 🙁 come on!!

  3. ApplePwnage says:

    That’s really annoying jail breaking is the most amazing thing

    If apple don’t like it maybe they should make their devices able to do what jail breaking does and add theming and root directory and all that jibber jabber

    1. Brian Lockwood says:

      Well, wouldn’t the effect of over zealous persecution of jailbreakers just cause the jailbreaking effort to move to Europe or elsewhere. From the US POV this means that a tech transfer is taking place. JB has been a positive pressure on Apple to innovate, you don’t want to export that kind of innovative effort.

  4. sameer somu says:

    If there is no jailbreak that releases in the next few months,I’m just gonna sell my iPad 2 and buy an android tablet. I have no use of it w/o free apps lol

  5. R4ymondo says:

    Does anyone know when and if there will be a jailbreak for ios 6 for the ipad 2, even if it is illegal? Will there ever be one? If not; I will have to consider selling my ipad and getting an android tablet!

  6. Anon says:

    I don’t understand why jailbreaking an iPad would be considered any different than jailbreaking an iPhone. If it is legal for one it should be the same for the other. It’s like saying I can buy a car and repaint it but I can’t repaint my motorcycle.

  7. Jerusalem says:

    The answer from the public is simple. Who likes jailbreak? The answer you get back is what those devs need to listen to. Illegal jailbreak for ipads and ipods?!!! Surely there sell will drop to the abyss..

  8. Gangster says:

    Come on pod2g and dev team plz what have u got to Lose look people are waiting four u Dev team bring out the jailbreak plz Don’t Let us down plz

  9. European iPad User says:

    the whole iPad thing – Seriously. This will only affect people in the US, and frankly is anyone not going to do so because the DMCA says so? I find it hard to believe anyone will be prosecuted for this successfully anyhow – if it actually went to court the prosecution for Jailbreaking would be untenable. I’ m just annoyed that some dev teams will choose not to release an ipad jailbreak because of this, rather than just slapping a notice on it saying ‘please note: You should not use this in the US as it is illegal :)’ – us Europeans lose out! (Dev teams, please take note… there are plenty people elsewhere where this is perfectly legal!)

    1. 2nd European User says:

      I would very much agree with your comments. As I am also a European iPad User and I feel the Dev team should consider US is a portion of the Jailbreak community…

  10. Aashir says:

    I am an ipad user ànd i upgraded my ipad to 6.0 but then i hear that u cant jailbreak the ipad and that wat i was waitin for mabye i shud go to samsung cause i have bought every single device of apple but it just let me doen

  11. Ionelungurean says:

    I have used iphones and ipads and ipod touches sinse the forst ones came out…and ONLY BECAUSE JAILBREAKING WAS AWESOME…
    All i can say is that if in the future jailbreak will cease to exist..me..and other probably millions people will stop buying apple products..ME…for sure…
    No jailbreak…..No more apple….
    But the other thing is that apple knows that allready and they r smart….look at sony…
    No hacking possible for pspGO!!!they lost millions because of that!!!
    Let’s accept this as it is..

    1. daan says:

      me too. knocking android door if there’s no more jailbreak.. imagine you’re using your iphone with identical ringtone.. theme.. app etc etc.. as any other guy next to you..

    2. ~Pratik~ (India) says:

      I m totally agree with u….but as Sony lost millions customers…apple also noted that…we hope it will do something in our favour…lol…otherwise have to switch android..!

    3. Ionelungurean says:

      I know you can hack papgo now but it took verry long to be able to do that!!i stii have the 1st gen psp and happy with it…
      Regarding hacking and jailbreaking and opening sources to locked devices…i would sugest that become legal beause people will allways be interested in doing something new with a device…:))specially talking about the verry expensive content that not all can afford to buy..it will allways be someone to hack-open te device in order to hack it..but it all depends on the time taken..

  12. Crapple says:

    I will stop buying Apple products if this is the case…Android here I come! Apple products are useless without a jailbreak. I currently own the iPhone and iPad…looks like I’ll have a fancy new chopping board in 2 different sizes!

    1. htc one x and ANDROID rules says:

      i already dont own an iphone because its to small and the ui is all the same as the rest i own an htc one x ANDROID and i need an ipad cause school runs courses on them

  13. MurderThyLamb says:

    It’s quite unreasonable. Like saying you can’t install Linux on a PC you bought. Just because you can’t directly classify a tablet, seriously. I know this post will be pointless to the rest of the world, but the DMCA’s new ruling seems pointless to ME.

  14. POOPMN says:

    Lets face it, is the apple peeps had a jailbroken iDevice, they’d probably SELL them pre-jailbroken.

    P.S The apple people are probably just jelous of jailbreakin cus they didn’t think of it first.

  15. david says:

    dont worry guys its not true….ipad jailbreak comes soon bcoz apple sales will be down if there is no jailbreak coz people like to buy idevice because thy can jailbreak

  16. Jickyz says:

    i just bought an iPhone 5 and new iPad 4. if they are without jailbreak, they are crap. all the inovations and fun parts come from jailbreak. without it, i will go and exchange them with note 2 and tab 10.1.
    while andriod is up, windows is in, apple is trying to get out. half of your customers are buying your products just because jailbreak is the most amazing thing on your crap iOS.

  17. Michael Novak says:

    yesterday, I’ve read “Android phones are in general better than iPhones … unless you JB them”. this is true and the iPhone without customization is “just not that good” … These days my 3GS is slowly passing away and I’m thinking on new phone, but will rather wait what the next days will unveil as I may run away to Android … eventhough I didn’t want to.

  18. ajnin03 says:

    First I agree with all those people who say,”This is f…ing ridiculous. And second those who are urging the dev team and other jailbreakers to release a jailbreak nonetheless(in the us) are mad.Dudes the jailbreakers who are most likely to release a jailbreak eg. @pod2g are infamous. There real identities are known all over the world. You must have read that the pirate bay owner was taken to jail recently. They( the jailbreakers) will and should NOT take the risk.

  19. 12padams says:

    I currently have an ipad 2, though I would upgrade to an ipad 5 next year but now because of this new jail no breaking rule I’m not going to break the law… Instead I’m going to hope apple suffers when I turn away from them and by a Microsoft surface with windows 8 next year. Good job Microsoft, you have my vote as the best tablet although I would never buy the current Microsoft surface with windows rt… That’s tablet is an absolute no no even worse than non-jail broken iPads!

  20. ThaPenguin says:

    Why doesn’t apple make an app that jailbreaks your phone untethered for $20
    People get their jail break and apple actually gets something from it

  21. SankySS says:

    All the great Jailbreaking teams!! I suggest you consider releasing a jailbreaking tool for ipads too (I don’t own one) and mention the legality issue… Always take your time for your work but don’t be afraid of the legal sh*t!!!

  22. Mahboob Atiqi says:

    i have IPAD 3 with ios 6 if jailbreak will release for Iphone 5 not for an IPAD3 i will sell it before late, Ipad3 and apple devices are awful without Untethered Jail Break, hope dev team consider it for the non US users,

  23. Sami says:

    I have had every iPhone from the very bigining to iPhone 5 and I loved them all mainly because of jailbreaks if I’m no longer apple to jailbreak then I’m out from apple aswell

  24. jailbreak the ipad says:

    who gives a **** what DMCA does it might be illegal but so is pirating games music and movies but people still do that so who cares jailbreak the ipads and if apple give a **** who cares because there just going to loose millions and millions of customers just cause people cant jailbreak there ipads i was getting an ipad for christmas and if there dont jailbreak it then it will make it so much harder to do things on it cause these things when u jailbreak that r really useful that without jailbreaking u cant do which makes life at school really really hard so jailbreak the ipad cause really if the people who want to jailbreak want to jailbreak then they have all rights to u own it so its ur property and u can do what u want to do to it

  25. Joeorvil says:

    apple may not do much prosecuting but I think their tactic is to remove hackers with lawsuit threats. they may lose some Apple customers but looking in the long term they see absolute control. Apple is a powerful company and sadly will achieve their goal. if there were only enough of us to stop them….

  26. PudgySquiggles says:

    I’m probably not going to be switching to android in any case. I mean if you want an app, then you’re going to have to suck it up and buy it. It’s not the end of the world because you can’t jailbreak your iPad. Let’s not lose our minds over this. Jailbreaking was found, and is a legitimate loophole. Hackers being hackers might be able find another loophole that allows for freedom on the iPad again.

  27. de says:

    um… “Unfortunately the new rulings mean that although jailbreaking phones will still be legal the exemption for tablet devices has been removed. Hence it will be illegal from October 28, only two days away, to jailbreak your iPad.”

    So, although iPad is the focus here, but doesn’t that also means all tablets too? That means Andriod, Windows 8, etc… That means its illegal to jailbreak tablets; which means illegal to jailbreak iPad.

    So why are people here saying, that since they cannot jailbreak iPad they will go to Andriod tablet? Won’t you have the same legal problems?

  28. “Unfortunately the new rulings mean that although jailbreaking phones will still be legal the exemption for tablet devices has been removed. Hence it will be illegal from October 28, only two days away, to jailbreak your iPad.”

    When I read that, I read that it’s illegal to jailbreak ALL tablets, iOS, Andriod, Windows8,etc.

    So how would switching from iOS tablet like iPad to a Samsung, etc make any differences?

    And when they make it illegal to jailbreak phones, how would switch to Andriod phone make any difference as far as legality?

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