HTC One X Jelly Bean update touches down in Europe

In the last couple of weeks more Android hardware is being treated to the Android Jelly Bean update, and hopefully in the coming few weeks the new software will be pushed out to more users at a quicker pace that ICS was. We now have news for owners of the HTC One X as the Android Jelly Bean update touches down in Europe.

A couple of days ago we told you that HTC had begun rolling out the new operating system for the handset in its home country of Taiwan, and now according to Android Headlines the update has been reaching owners of the HTC One X in Europe as well.

The update also includes the HTC Sense 4+ Android overlay that provides users with some new skins for the interface, better battery life, options of forwarding SMS messages to email automatically, password protected SMS inbox, infinitely looping home screens, and much more.

Owners of the handset that have received the update have confirmed it to be Android 4.1.2 and the file size weighs in at 352.87MB, and brings with it Google Now, expandable notifications, Project Butter, and more.

The update is quite large so users are advised to download the software via a reliable Wi-Fi connection, and if you haven’t already received the notification of the updates availability you can try the following procedure.

First go into Settings and select apps and swiping over to All, before scrolling down and selecting the Google Services Framework, and then selecting Clear Data before trying to downloading the data again by going to the About Phone option.

The handset has been available to consumers since February and came running Ice Cream Sandwich, and owners of the Nvidia Tegra 3 powered smartphone will be pleased to be already getting Jelly Bean before a number of other flagship smartphones.

Have you received Android Jelly Bean yet on your HTC One X?


33 thoughts on “HTC One X Jelly Bean update touches down in Europe”

  1. From Italy says:

    Very strange the way HTC is handling the Jelly Bean update. At the beginning of October a Senior company rep said that both the ONE X and S would receive the update by the end of the month. To date only the ONE X is receiving the update in selected locations. I wrote to HTC customer service about the ONE S update and the reply they gave was that the company had not set a date for the release of the update. Sounds like HTC has some eager reps spreading false rumors out there.

  2. unlocked one S in UK not a sniff of the update, how hard can it be to push out an update ? Christ if Samsung can get it on the Galaxy S3 then whats the problem, Samsung are usually rubbish at updates.

    Pull your finger out HTC im getting tired of the bullshit.

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