Samsung Galaxy Note 3 physical keyboard forethought

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has been available for a while now, and no doubt the smartphone/tablet combo will be yet another great success for the company, and many owners love the device. Now we have been asking around to find out if people prefer a physical keyboard or an on-screen keyboard, and many have said they would love to see the next Galaxy Note come with a physical slide out keyboard.

There are many great smartphones out there already that offer a slide out QWERTY keyboard for the many people that still prefer a physical keyboard as they find it easier to use than a vertical keyboard, but obviously as yet we haven’t been treated to a Samsung Galaxy Note featuring a slide out QWERTY.

I do have to say that at first I personally went for handsets with a slide out keyboard as I found the physical keys easier to use and hit without hitting the wrong key. But as most high end touch screen handsets only offer a virtual keyboard, I soon learnt to use one and moved away from physical keyboards.

That’s not to say of course if a high end smartphone came out that offered a slide out QWERTY that really captured my attention I wouldn’t be tempted to purchase it, as I am sure most who struggle with on-screen keyboards would do the same.

The physical keyboard hasn’t reached its end of usefulness though, as there are many people with large hands that find a physical keyboard much easier to get on with. So with this in mind, wouldn’t it be great if old Sammy was to deliver the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with a physical slide out QWERTY keyboard for everyone who has fumbling fingers?

We recently came across a petition that is petitioning for a 5-row physical keyboard for believe it or not, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Now obviously it is somewhat late in the game to start considering the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 sporting a physical keyboard, as it’s simply not going to happen, and seems a tad strange to me that anyone would start a petition calling for such.

This is why we are saying how about a physical keyboard on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, so we’d like to find out our readers opinions on this matter. Therefore the question is, would you like to see the next Galaxy Note come out to play with a physical keyboard, or do you feel that a virtual keyboard and S Pen functionality is all that will be needed?

Feel free to voice your opinions on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with physical keyboard to our comments area below…thanks.


44 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 3 physical keyboard forethought”

  1. Storm says:

    Physical keyboards, I believe, would be a giant leap backwards! Innovative virtual keyboards and more elaborate voice activated systems are the way forward! I cannot see Samsung investing in the hardware for “slide out” keyboards because of the real potential for failure of the system – that would lead to greater frustration than those seeking to live in the past! After all, we buy these devices because they are “smart” phones which will no doubt get smarter!

  2. It’s a terrible idea. Ppl having problems with the Galaxy Note keyboard just need to download “SwiftKey 3” and set it up properly with rapid typing style chosen and if you make a slight mistake it doesn’t matter because auto correct is so accurate. Just keep in mind that since the app learns from your typing personally that it will take a couple weeks to become accurate and will get more and more accurate with time. I’ve had it on my Galaxy Note 2 since the day I got it pretty much and I absolutely love it. It also has larger keys and customizable themes. – KID ANDROID. ( Team.Android.Canada).

    1. SnoBall says:

      And one day SwiftKey will suddenly understand that I’m programming and start typing in C++/Java/Perl/Ruby code for me? It might somehow let me see the screen while I’m typing, so I can look at the rest of my code without closing the keyboard. Maybe it will also understand when I’m typing SQL, and then the flying monkeys will show up and give me a day off work…

      Let’s not forget, texting isn’t the only typing that happens on a smartphone.

  3. Samsung Galaxy Note III with physical keyboard? lol that’s gonna be one thick clumsy device. and who makes that much errors on a 5.5″ screen anyway?!

    P.S. Agreeing with KID ANDROID, Swift key3 is an excellent option

  4. jerrymcafee says:

    I would buy something similar to the detachable, magnetic Microsoft Surface Touch Cover–but as thin and as light as the Sammy flip case cover. Do I expect too much?

  5. placeholder says:

    that is a P.O.S. That stupid picture is a bad cut ‘n paste of the Note II and an ugly keyboard glued to it. A little kid thought of this a**hole idea and that idiot needs a good hard slap in their ear for thinking this braindead idea up.. Wait a second the keyboard would be so neat-o and only the good items have them like the pic….NOT!!! The idiot whom made this post/pic needs to stop watching their older sister in the shower…

  6. Yoh says:

    if sg3 gonna be having a physical keyboard, 90% of the note users will move to galaxy s series !!

    honestly, it’s the most stupid idea to opt for physical keboard, it’ kills the looks, weight and everything !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. PeanutTech says:

    After doing some more research, I do believe it will be a leap backwards (superseeding my other comment), & like one other poster said better voice recognition would be better so you could talk out your messages etc, also would be alto safer when driving. Also the possible addition of a program that can read your texts / emails to you when driving, I know there is downloadable software out there but would be nice not to have to go searching for it. So yes Smart phones need to be smart but not to smart that they become unuseable

  8. Off with their heads says:

    I despise the home button on my GN2, so a slide out keyboard on the GN3 would be a complete and utter deal breaker!! Who’s complaining anyway donkey kong? 5.55″ screen and you’re not typing 300 words/min? Inaccurate on a screen this big you need glasses, NOT I repeat Not a slide out keyboard…

  9. DOL10th says:

    Seems pretty obvious, if you don’t currently use a physical keyboard you love to scream and yell about how backward people are, and if you like a physical keyboard you want this phone to have one too. If you don’t want or use one why would you care. Leave it up to the people that will actually spend money on it. To each their own….except cell phones I guess. I personally don’t care about the weight, size (hell I carry an iPad around) or any other basher’s reasons to hate it. I like the keyboards and as long as they are being offered or until the borg take me over I’ll keep using one. Just my preference….and money….

  10. DaveQB says:

    The lack of a physical keyboard is the one thing putting me off the Note 2. I would definitely welcome a physical keyboard on a good, high end smartphone.

  11. Jumiee says:

    Totally against the idea of physical slide out qwerty keyboard. I mean the galaxy note is awesome as it is, why would you wanna make it bulkier when its already gigantic? It also means that the galaxy note will be thicker. Its a big NO for me. I find the presence of the slide out keyboard is unnecessary and rather ridiculous, not to mention annoying. And it also means that plenty of galaxy note users like myself will not consider in buying one. I hope the design of the galaxy note 3 will not be ridiculous and is way better than the existing two models.

  12. Faisal says:

    dont need a slider, need a bb shape phone with 3 inch display and decent specs not a crap like previous galaxy pro, galaxy y pro, galaxy m or galaxy chat they hv too low specs and stupid design.

  13. Ann says:

    There are many many people wishing for slide out phones with keyboard! If the note 3 was a slide out you will get new customers to add to your already large customer base. TRUST ME….it’s a great marketing strategy! DO IT! I personally hate touch screen keyboards and would spend a lot for a keyboard phone. It can be detachable and customers can buy it to use if they like…..looking forward to hearing some good news on this…

  14. Magnus100 says:

    A physical keyboard is such a repugnant idea to most people. The phone would become an unwieldy brick with the keyboard been prone to issues.
    I bet a few people would still think it’s a good idea to have an external keyboard.

  15. Travis Oleson says:

    Yes is so perfect for galaxy note 3 come with physical keyboard. I would definitely buy and I can’t wait to get a new galaxy note 3 S pen and physical keyboard than galaxy note and 2.

  16. Travis Oleson says:

    would be so awesome and perfect time for New Samsung Galaxy Note 3 come with a physical slide out QWERTY keyboard.!!!!
    what I want one that kind of S pen and physical Qwerty keyboard. its is the best for 2013

  17. Northern Comfort says:

    Physical keyboards rule! They have one feature, that on-screen keyboards doesn´t: they don´t take space from the screen! You have all the everything on screen fully exposed. Ok, Note has ridiciously big screen, so in this scale it is not so big of a problem. Other problem with on-screen keyboards are that they just don´t feel right. New screen techiques are being developed, that make screen actually come little up at every key, but as long as these innovations are in future on-screen keyboars simply suck! Only good about them is, that they don´t reduce physical size or weight.

    I don´t see my self buying Note 3 with or without physical keyboard, but SGS4 with physical slide out keyboard would be wet dream to me! Currently using HTC Desire Z because market has lack of good smart phones with physical keyboard.

    Why it always has to mean that if some model has bigger feature like this keyboard (to be or not to be), it seems always that it´s impossible to bring identical sistermodel, but w/wo this feature. It´s just sad, that if the miracle happens and manufacturer thinks of it´s all clients and puts out sistermodel, it´s never identical. It´s almost every time even somehow weaker (worse processor or less memory etc…) We have to exclude physical measurements in this comparsion, you all understand why. Imagine if car manufacturers did the same: “Sure you can buy a stationwagon instead of sedan, but then you have to take older/less powerful engine and only manual transmission”

    So, people have different needs, and I understand that mobile phone manufacturers can´t fulfill all of your hopes, but when we are talking big sellers and popular models and something so big feature as physical keyboard, I think customer should have possibility to choose.

  18. Brad says:

    If they add one I wont be buying the note 3. Make an accessory bt device ok but if its litterally a attached to the phone slide out. Ill be going elsewhere for my next phone.

  19. Nate says:

    YES! I love touchscreen keyboards, and they are in no way a step backwards. I like being able to physically enter the keys, I can text in my pockets, and It is so much quicker for me. I have had both types and I love keyboards. Its funny because all my friends do to. They are moving away from them and its so sad…

  20. Chris says:

    The best mobile design ever was the n97 so if the note 3 pro came as a version2 with a key board I’d be up for that but must be in the style of n97 and a minimum of 64gb on board

  21. josh says:

    I want one with a slide out. 5 rows = YES! I currently have the samsung sidekick 4g and the keyboard is the best (and close to only) thing I like about it.

  22. Mohammed says:

    if it was detachable and it could be used in horizontal or vertical position then that would be awesome something along the line of the old Sony Ericsson P910

  23. Ami says:

    I would absolutely LOVE it! I am writer and simply enjoy the tactile experience of a physical keyboard. I currently have the Galaxy S w/slide out and want the Note ll but hesitate because it is lacking in the keyboard department. The creation of this phone is Necessary! In my opinion~

  24. shona caw says:

    i had a nokia touch screen keyboard and found it wasnt easy to use as i kept hitting the wrong buttons when i wanted to send any e mails i now have a blackberry torch but would like something a bit different maybe with a detachable key board

  25. Tweefurs says:

    every month I look for a high end smart phone with a slider keyboard. The note 2 or 3 would be a tad too big, but it would work perfectly on a s3 or s4 size screen.

    Instead of the cursor buttons, they should have an anologue stick that pushes into the keyboard and pops out when the keyboard opens, (ideal for emulators.)

    at least 2 gig of ram, with a quad core processor and minimum of 8mp camera with at least 720p video

  26. dobbin says:

    I know this is a bit late, but I am in the same position as the tweefurs, every couple of months I start the sad trawl for a qwerty slider phone. They are so useful if you work for yourself. I had one from orginal HTC’s onwards Desire Z was great upset the day it stopped working! In the UK this market has been totally shunned! Just one model eh?Sob!

  27. vlc says:

    I’ll have one please! To be able to type with a full view of the screen…. yes please.

    Why on earth is every manufacturer aping Apple and not realising that one reason ( not the only reason) that Blackberry is still not quite dead is because they have a real keyboard… but we want top-spec device like the Note3 with a keyboard. Not on a rubbish device ( like an old BB ).

    The Sony Xperia Pro ( not the mini-pro) came close but it was almost a secret product release.

  28. angw168 says:

    Here in the US you can get slide out keyboard seperately for the S3, perhaps S4. It would be awesome to have a keyboard for the Note as I am looking to get one but don’t like the idea of no physical keyboard. It could be availabel as an accessory for people that really want it.

  29. If anyone knows of any great slide-out keyboard cases that will work with the Note 3 PLEASE let me know. I’m so tired of virtual keyboards. 7 years of them and I’m still not accustomed.

  30. Call_Me_Missouri says:

    I own a Galaxy Note 3 and would love a slide out keyboard for it. I already own a small bluetooth keyboard but there is something special about the slide out, thumbs only keyboard. And please.. whoever designs this… don’t forget the TAB key. Tabs are not optional!

    On a side note… Isn’t this what Kickstarter is for???

  31. Vincent Wolf says:

    I’m sure I’ll have to stick with my smallish 4″ Samsung Relay 4G as about the only effective physical keyboard phone in existence (a few others, none larger than 4.3″). Why is it as the phones keep getting thinner thinner thinner they can’t add a few millimeters to have a nice slide out keyboard? I’ll tell you why. They have the deaf people that would primarily use them and the teens. Can’t be any other reason!

    Virtual keyboards suck up the screen space, suck at accurate typing, suck at speed. Why make them?

  32. Orlando Perrone says:

    I wish. I’d love it on my note 4. Samsung has made very solid keyboards in the past. The Epic 4G and the Stratosphere are the two that I have used. The spacing, the feel, the click, the layout… it was all perfect. I miss that. If someone comes out with a case using the Epic 4G keyboard, I’d be first in line. Wish I knew how to fabricate such things. Some wiring, some bluetooth stuff, a small battery, and some 3D printing… BAM!

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