iOS 7 for 2013 plus iPhone 5S, iPad & iPad mini release forecasts

With Apple products it always seems as though no sooner do we see a release of a new iPhone, iPad etc. than the speculation about the next version begins. Thus attention has already turned to 2013 and one prominent analyst in particular, Gene Munster, who has already come up with his forecasts for how Apple’s year will pan out. Apple’s iOS 7, a new iPad, iPad mini with Retina Display and the iPhone 5S were all mentioned in his predictions so read on for more.

Please remember these expectations are in no way official, just one analyst’s view of what he feels is likely to happen regarding Apple devices over next year. Nevertheless this does come from the authoritative Gene Munster, senior research analyst with Piper Jaffray, who often deals with Apple products and so these ideas do have a certain weight to them. We’ve picked out some of the products that we have a specific interest in at Phones Review so read on for the lowdown according to this analyst who’s prepared to stick his neck out.

As far as 2013 Apple releases go, Business Insider reports that Munster’s prediction for March is that we’ll see an iPad mini with Retina Display. This is interesting as the lack of Retina Display was about the only criticism of the just-released iPad mini. We wish we knew if this one was accurate as there will be a good few people with the iPad mini on their Christmas wish lists who might hold off if they knew that it was coming with a Retina Display as early as March next year.

Looking ahead to June 2013 and Apple’s annual WWDC conference and this is where Munster urges us to “look for Jony Ive’s influence over iOS to start showing up here.” He predicts that we’ll see a preview of iOS 7 at WWDC and no doubt it won’t be long before people start to speculate about the most-wanted features that might be added.

This year the iPhone 5 was released in September and although there is often talk about Apple going back to a summer release for the iPhone, Munster feels that an iPhone 5S will appear in September 2013, sticking with the fall launch of late. He sees the iPhone 5S as a “modest upgrade” to the iPhone 5 and also foresees a specs bump for the iPad mini as well as a totally redesigned new full-sized iPad.

Obviously it’s a case of wait and see but it will certainly be interesting to find out as next year unfolds just how accurate Munster’s crystal ball has been. As we’ve heard Munster’s predictions for Apple releases in 2013 we’d now like to hear our readers thoughts on this. Do you hope for an iPad mini with Retina Display as early as March next year? Are you already salivating over what iOS 7 will offer? Let us know with your comments.


4 thoughts on “iOS 7 for 2013 plus iPhone 5S, iPad & iPad mini release forecasts”

  1. praveen says:

    i feel happy if apple gonna boost the hardware with 2 gb ram and high clock speed processor with quad cores ……rather than this the outed of scott…. i am expecting some revolutionary features from apple..i am expected that it should replace the absence of steve in innovation..should tear down the dump copy cat samsung

  2. dar says:

    I like my galaxy s3 and it has all those boosted specs your on about, 2gb ram, a quad core processor and several innovative features like nfc and smart stay. I hung about for the iPhone 5 and it wasn’t worth the upgrade apple revolutionise the market and just rehash the same device year on year I think other companies have worked them out and try harder to make a better phone.

  3. jmgp says:

    Theoretically vs reality, despite the specs the S3 is NOT faster nor more powerful than the iPhone 5. The real life test results prove it! Its all about the “OS – Hardware” synergy which Apple has dominated for years…

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