Samsung Tizen Phone will alienate Android users

Electronics giant Samsung has been on a crest of a wave in the last couple of years in the smartphone world releasing hugely successful devices such as the Galaxy S3, and Galaxy Note 2. Its success has been built on the hugely popular Android platform, but Samsung has recently revealed it is set to release a number of Tizen based phones this year that could alienate Android users.

Samsung has revealed to Bloomberg that it will begin providing smartphones that are running the Tizen operating system that is backed by the Intel Corporation. The company is also planning to expand its line up depending on the conditions of the market, and the OS was born from Nokia’s and Intel’s abandoned MeeGo project.

This is now gaining pace with the likes of Samsung and Intel together with carriers looking to reduce dependence on Google’s Android operating system, but currently Samsung is the biggest seller of Android handsets in the smartphone market.

For now Samsung didn’t reveal any pricing or availability for products running the Tizen OS, and back at the end of December a Japanese publication tipped Samsung to release hardware on the Tizen platform before the end of this year.

Despite reassurances from Google there are some worried what the search engine giant’s takeover of Motorola Mobility will eventually mean for the Android platform, and even on Motorola’s home page Google is comparing the battery life of the Droid RAZR MAXX HD to the Samsung Galaxy S3, and suggests the handset is a better choice for consumers.

This year though any new operating system also has the likes of BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone 8 besides Android and iOS to go up against in the smartphone market, and recently we heard Google was supposedly developing a smartphone codenamed the Xphone that could be aimed at competing with offerings from Samsung.

Samsung does have a partnership with Microsoft to offer hardware running the WP8 OS, but the company is still placed behind the likes of Nokia and HTC on the platform. Back in 2009 the company launched its Bada platform that is mainly focussed on emerging markets and Europe, but the majority of Samsung fans would still prefer to purchase handsets from the company running the latest version of Android.

While it remains doubtful if Samsung were to release the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 running Tizen instead of Android, it would surely get Android users slightly annoyed. How would you feel about the Galaxy S4 running Tizen?


6 thoughts on “Samsung Tizen Phone will alienate Android users”

  1. Jack Lee says:

    Leave it up to the user…. Android default load for S IV and note III and for those who are tech savvy, provide the option to load instead of default Android. A dual boot option would be nice too.

  2. Catalin says:

    The more competition, the better. If Tizen is more “open” than Android like it promises, it’s a good thing. But since Google services integration play a huge role in Android’s success, I would say that the success of Tizen depends on developing/partnering with some powerful underlying services able to compete with Google, which is a huge task. I really hope Tizen will run Google services as well as Android, but I doubt it. I’m afraid it will be more like Windows Phone 8, with a very light integration.

  3. Agree that more competition is a good thing. An Apple/Android duopoly would be bad for customers. Tizen has good Linux/Meego/Maemo pedigree, and if Android apps can be made to work on Jolla (as promised, yet to be proven!), that could render the whole “not enough apps” problem irrelevant for any Linux-alike system such as Tizen too.

  4. jaygatsby9909 says:

    I personally feel that Tizen is a neat idea but no a very viable one at this point. Ubuntu will, I think, be huge though. Already has a huge ecosystem of developers and a decent following. If their phones are as easy to use as they claim, you could see a big swing in market share pretty quickly. If Google services integrates well into Ubuntu then I will certainly give it a try. If not then I will just stick with Android.

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