Google Coordinate for iPhone, license is needed

As news on the latest mobile devices, here at Phones Review we also like to keep readers informed about some of the newest apps and today we have some details on the Google Coordinates app that has just been released for the iPhone. It’s a productivity tool aimed at workforce management and we’ll start by pointing out that this not for consumer Google accounts. Instead this app is aimed at business and enterprise and users must have a Google Coordinate license to utilize it.

The Google Coordinate app has been available for Android since November under the title Google Maps Coordinate so iOS business users will be pleased to also be able to get their hands on it now. Google Coordinate for iOS follows hot on the heels of the Google Maps iOS app. It’s free and is compatible for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad running iOS 5.1 or later and has been optimized for the iPhone 5. The app can help to improve the efficiency of mobile teams, assigning work in a more productive and well-organized way with real-time visibility.

Once field employees download the app they will be able to share real-time location, manage jobs and collect data. For example with business employees constantly moving around, Google Coordinate comes into play by allowing their businesses to easily work with them with simple-to-use real-time location sharing. Members of a business team can also receive instant notifications about allocated jobs along with the information needed.

The app also works between admin teams and mobile teams as admin can use Google Coordinate to customize fields on data collection taking place by field workers, directly from within the app. Google Coordinate for iOS is available now at this iTunes link. If you want to hear more about how the Google Coordinate service could work for your business then check out the video below our story.

We’d like to hear from business and enterprise users who can share how useful they find this app. If you have already used it, send your comments to let us know if you would recommend it to other readers? Alternatively, will you be downloading the app now to try it out?

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