iPad mini 2 release with Retina assessment

The Apple iPad Mini has been a smash hit since its release back in November but although it has only been out a few months attention is already turning to the next iteration dubbed the iPad mini 2. We have already heard rumors of a Retina display for the next iPad mini, which is perhaps unsurprising as the lack of Retina for the recently release iPad mini was one of the only disappointments for some. It now appears that Apple is already assessing display panels with Retina-class resolution for the iPad mini 2.

We’ve already heard plenty of rumor and speculation about the iPad mini 2 and forecasts by one renowned analyst that the next iPad mini, with Retina display could release as early as March 2013. Of course this is unconfirmed although it does come from a well-based source but we have also heard other release timeframes mentioned so at this stage your guess is as good as ours.

LG and AU Optronics are both suppliers of display panels for the current iPad mini but it seems that panels based on One Glass Solution (OGS) technology from Shenzhen Century Science & Technology (SCST), a subsidiary of Foxconn, are being evaluated for the iPad mini 2. These panels with Retina-class resolution have been supplied to Apple for testing and are said to supply higher resolution than on the existing iPad mini while maintaining the same size display of 7.9-inches. The OGS monolithic touch technology involved is less costly than G/Gtype touch panels that are customarily used but there have been issues with low yield and a yellow tint although this is said to be surmountable.

It looks as though Apple is currently at the assessment stage before final suppliers are decided for the iPad mini 2 production stage then, so it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that we could see an iPad mini 2 in the early part of the year with the Retina display that many people desire. We’ll point out though, as we always do, that as Apple very closely safeguards its future products anything so far is leaked or conjecture but we certainly think it’s increasingly likely that a Retina display will be evident when the iPad mini 2 finally hits the shelves.

We’d like to hear what our readers think about this. Are you hoping that the next iPad mini will have a Retina display? Maybe you don’t see it as a big deal and there are other features you’d like to see that are more important to you? Let us know with your comments.

Source: China Times


8 thoughts on “iPad mini 2 release with Retina assessment”

  1. Yona says:

    If adding a retina display results in either a significantly shorter battery life, or the need for a larger battery that results in a larger, heavier unit, it will not be worth the compromise at all.
    The current iPad Mini display is truly fine and after spending time doing a side by side comparison between the iPad (version 4) and the iPad Mini. the difference is not at all meaningful to me. I really wonder what all the fuss is about…I do not see any meaningful justification …

    1. Dave says:

      Sure, but it’s good for those who want a faster device.
      They’ll probably use the A6 or A6X chip for the iPad Mini.
      Then a Retina display, maybe a slightly bit thicker device
      which is a little heavier, like they did with iPad 2 > iPad 3.
      Doesn’t have to be thicker and weigh more, if they just find some kind of
      solution so that either they can have a bigger battery yet a thin iPad,
      or have the same size of the battery but try to find something more powerful.
      Because driving a Retina screen isn’t gonna be the same as running a “normal” screen. To me Retina does matter because I read a lot and I notice the difference,
      but the Mini does have a very nice display anyway and it’s ok for me that
      it doesn’t have higher resolution, I’d still rather use it than a normal sized iPad.
      What I really want in the second Mini is at least A6 chip,
      it will result in a way faster device for some things…

  2. JayTee says:

    To me any increase in weight or size will not be worth retina display. I upgraded my iPad 2 to 3 and regretted it – whilst retina was good, the extra weight was a tipping point which meant I rarely took my ipad out of the house. The mini is perfect, light and ultra portable. Yes I did notice the lack of retina and it took a while to adjust, but the form factor more than compensates and I use it way more than I ever did my iPad 3.

    If they can make iPad mini 2 the same size and weight with retina then great, but otherwise I’ll wait until they get lighter before upgrading again.

  3. Richard says:

    The display is fine on the current model. Battery life is currently a huge plus as is the unit’s thin size. I would prefer a focus on improvements to ergonomic design eliminate flaws, such as a better designed case to reduce the slippery feel and a more crack resistant face. Adding GPS to non-cell model and bringing software into the 21st century are needed enhancements.

  4. Ronnie says:

    Retina display is not only a desire but a must if I am going to buy another IPAD or IPAD MINI. Why APPLE left off this important SPEC in the MINI – probably to milk more but I will definite buy IPAD MINI with a Reina screen & A6X processor.

  5. HappyPhotographer says:

    Im looking forward what Apple do next but that would be pretty interesting with (retina display) of course there have to do more upgrades that wont kill battery life. But those people who need iPad products to their work (photographers, webdesigners etc…) like using it on portfolio. Because when you have used that pretty long your eyes are feeling little bit weird (Apple products without retina display). I have recognise it with my retina display I feel more comfortable. Of course everybody have their own opinion but I think if Apple would do that retina display upgrade to next ipad mini one that would be super cool, because I dont need to worry about my eyes will melted off.

  6. ronf57 says:

    i think retina display is a good step and the a6x becomes necessary to drive that much graphics. The battery life will definitely suffer, how much? so battery needs to get more powerful and that is physics size and weight increase. Memory usable needs upping and storage space needs upping consider the ipad4 just went to 128gb FINALLY. add a frigin microsd slot already too.
    make these changes and the app store difference makes me attracted to stop looking at android tablets with quad and octa processors.

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