LG Optimus G 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Update, Release G2 please

As you know we like to keep our readers here on Phones Review right up to date with all the latest news regarding the various Android firmware updates. Recently a growing number of handsets are beginning to see later versions of the Android JB update, and today we now have news that the LG Optimus G has begun receiving the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update, but we still have no solid information on the release date for the Optimus G2.

LG is looking to make more of a presence in the Android world lately, as besides the Nexus 4 the company released its flagship Optimus G smartphone towards the end of last year. Now if you are the owner of the handset we have some good news for you as according to the Android Authority the company has announced the release of the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update for the Optimus G.

The update has kicked off in South Korea and should see the software rolling out to other regions in the coming days and weeks, but just like any new software release on the platform certain carriers can hold the firmware up.

So far the LG Mobile site has listed the LG-F180L (KG U+), LG-F180S (SK Telecom), and LG-F180K (KT) models to get the new update. Even though the LG Optimus G is only a few months old there has been a lot of talk about seeing its replacement being released recently.

As far back as November we first heard talk about the release of the LG Optimus G2, which was only a couple of months after the original model had hit the shelves. Talk turned to seeing the device make its debut at the CES 2013 event in Las Vegas that is set to end today, but the LG keynote speeches at the show didn’t reveal any new smartphone.

A spokesman for the company has revealed though that we can expect to hear news on new handsets at next month’s Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, Spain. The device once announced will probably be the flagship smartphone from LG this year, so as you can imagine the rumours about the device have created a lot of excitement among Android fans.

Any new device from LG though will be going up against the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S4, as well as any new smartphone that Apple releases to the public. We have been spoilt in the last couple of years when you consider the amount of high specification smartphones that companies are bringing out for us to enjoy.

Are you looking forward to the LG Optimus G2 release?


17 thoughts on “LG Optimus G 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Update, Release G2 please”

      1. Dr. Mark Lipschitz says:

        Stupid comment! LG makes the Nexus 4. Besides, the Optimus G’s rooted and bootloader is unlocked now. Looks like the G is going to be able to enjoy all the same roms as the Nexus 4. Tell me how are you enjoying LTE on your new Nexus?

        1. Rambir says:

          I’m English so it wasn’t a factor when buying the phone as LTE has limited coverage and is extremely expensive as well as being on one carrier. Also the ‘LG fail’ part is true. In order to get jelly bean like every other flagship you need to void the warranty, not everyone who buys a phone knows or wants to root and tell me this, where can you get the Nexus 4 mate. You can’t as it’s sold out as LG didn’t make enough and focused on marketing the Optimus G which is sold in fewer countries than the Nexus 4. I have owned an LG phone before this which never received an ICS update. (Optimus 2X) and it was capable. They never update their phones, they can’t even supply the demand and they focus on phones which will sell less and are limited. I think they should fix themselves and the Nexus 4 was a chance that they screwed up. And I will acknowledge that it and the Optimus G, 4X and Nexus 4 are great phones and the UI looks nice now but they frankly fail. And if I were on the one carrier that had LTE here or Canadian would be able to use LTE as it is on the quad band frequency. Has LTE, just can’t use it in the USA until T-Mobile get it or live in an AT&T city that has it. not even a standard and yet you require LTE on a phone. What’s wrong with 30mbps is it too slow. Trust me when BT find a way to make fibre optic reach 5gbps or 5G comes out LTE will look stupid.

          1. Ryan says:

            Sorry you live in a crap country. You fail. LG is going to make HUGE companies like Samsung and Apple CRINGE in the upcoming months. Be ready.

          2. Rambir says:

            You mean a crap country that founded your stupid one. The 4th best in the world for maths and science. The one that created the Internet, trains, jet engines, PCs, TVs, the radio. The one that proposed the theory of gravity and its properties. The one that has the basis of every court of law and constitution in the world. The first country to use fibre optic and regular broadband. The one that has the best university in the world. Ignorant you are to call England crap. Without is you will be somewhere else like Europe, Asia or Africa. And on the subject of LG, I acknowledge that they have a tremendous array of technology available and they do make the best screens but that isn’t everything. A the Nexus 4 is a million times better than the S3 in terms of specifications but it has not sold a million more as it has a crap advertisement. (watch LGs a advertisement not googles and you’ll see) . I don’t think that they will make apple or Samsung cringe and I also think that Huawei will overtake them. Maybe in 2014 but not this year they will be a big mobile competitor I as I think TVs are a larger priority for them. FYI how many people do you think will see what they will bring at MWC, because the majority of people I know don’t know it exists. They just want the new iphone or Galaxy. S phone. They’re like mindless drones.

          3. Dr. Mark Lipschitz says:

            Please. Lets not talk about where technology was developed. You will lose that conversation. If it weren’t for the USA you would be speaking German right now.

          4. Rambir says:

            It was not an opportunity to brag about my country or slag of another one (although reading back it does sound like it) and I know that not all technology is British, it was a defence of calling my country crap. And yes the USA did help us in World War 2, but you were 2 years late in some eyes (People who lived through the war). Just come to my city and have a look at our cathedral. Most of England was destroyed yet by the time you came in the damage was done and Hitler had given up invading mainland UK. You were a help and I thank you for that but maybe you should think about the countries that you coming into the war really saved, not helped. China for one, and France, Belgium and Holland. Russia in some ways and many Pacific countries.

          5. Dr. Mark Lipschitz says:

            Again, another stupid comment. Jellybean is already rolling out that is what this whole article is about. Because you once owned a phone that was capable of an upgrade but did not get one does not mean a company is a fail. If that were the case Motorola, Samsung, Sony and HTC are all fails because they all
            have phones that could have gotten updates but did not. Your other points are a complete fail as well. How many Nexus 4’s did Google order? Did LG also run Googles online store? Just stupid!

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