Facebook Messenger update adds free iPhone VoIP calls

A new Facebook Phone was not announced at the event the other day, but we can let you know that Facebook has added a VoIP calling feature to its Messenger app and these calls can be done for free. This new service is now available for US iPhone users.

The new Facebook Messenger update version 2.1 now allows iPhone users to send quick voice messages if you want to say more than a normal text message, you can also call friends right from Messenger for free, the update also includes a few bug fixes and improvements. When you update your app you will then notice a ‘Free Call’ button that will allow you to phone your Facebook friends.

We checked our Facebook Messenger app by opening up a conversation and then tapping the “i” button, at the moment here in the UK it just says ‘View Timeline” and that notifications are on, if you do have the new update that allows VoIP calling you will see a Free Call button.

If you do not have Facebook Messenger please visit the App Store and install now, the new call button feature will be released in the UK soon enough. Please remember the free calling is for US iPhone users, this new feature will be released on other operating systems as well as other countries around the world. If you are already trying this new free call feature please do let us know what you think of it?

Just one thought, if so many Facebook users are using this feature at the same time, do you think there will be calls ending when they shouldn’t be due to high demand of use?

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