Mini iPhone 5 look-a-like but 3.5-inch

Apple will have a new line-up of devices this year and one that will be definite is the iPhone 5S, we cannot see it being anything else judging on past releases such as iPhone 4 to the 4S. Apple needs something new, a few little changes for its smartphone line so that they are affordable for all. The iPhone 5 is expensive and not everyone can afford one outright unless they go on contract, for those that want a unlocked PAYG handset and cannot afford around £600 would like a cheaper iPhone model, this is were the Mini iPhone 5 look-a-like 3.5-inch model comes into play.

We reported on the 15th of this month that Apple shares were falling, 2 days ago Apple shares were running at $491.83, -9.92‎ (-1.98%) and today they are hitting 504.97-1.12‎ (-0.22%), this is a massive drop on last year and some may think that releasing a cheaper iOS smartphone such as the iPhone Mini may be the answer.

There is no such thing as the iPhone mini but it is not stopping renderings popping up online by designers, we have already shown renderings that have iOS 7 and new styling, and we have talked about a budget iPhone made of plastic like the 3G and 3GS. Today we have a Mini iPhone 5 look-a-like but with a 3.5-inch display, this is only a mock-up but a 3.5-inch iPhone 5 styled smartphone could do well, a phone that would be affordable to a bigger market.

We would like to say a big thanks to Martin Hajek via nowhereelse.fr (Translated) who is behind the iPhone mini concept, it looks like the iPhone 5 but a little shorter and fatter, if this was to come to light it would have a reduced price tag that everyone would be happy with, would you be happy?

If you look at the design it looks rather good, and a much better rendering than a plastic iPhone with a price tag at half the cost of the iPhone. Surely this would be a winner, do you like Hajek’s iPhone mini concept?


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  1. Dezza says:

    Do they really need something smaller??? I have a SG Note 2 and the wife’s iPhone 5 now feels too small and is the old 4/4S not smaller anyway?? . Therefore should apple not be building a bigger phone with better desktop functionality and a higher spec??

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