Nexus 4 availability set to stabilise despite rumours

Since its release the LG Nexus 4 has been grabbing a lot of headlines mainly down to the lack of stock on the Google Play Store. The relatively low asking price for a high end smartphone without a contract has made the smartphone highly desirable among Android fans, and now it seems that Nexus 4 availability is set to stabilise despite rumours of a new Nexus model in the pipeline.

The delays for the Nexus 4 begun as soon as the device was released onto the Google Play Store with stock disappearing almost straight away, and since then there has been a number of rumours that LG were now busy working on the Nexus 5, but now a LG executive has spoken about the handsets availability going forward.

Director of Mobile Communication for LG, Cathy Robin, has spoken about a number of things regarding the Nexus 4 smartphone that included the inventory situation as well as sales estimates for the device.

Earlier this month it was suggested that LG and Google had only sold about 375,000 Nexus 4 units that was based on serial numbers, but this seems not to be accurate. Robin didn’t know anything about that figure, and while no actual number was discussed it was claimed to be a lot lower than reality.

When discussing the stock issues affecting the Nexus 4, it was claimed that Google provided sales estimates that were based on sales of previous Nexus devices, and obviously these turned out to be much lower than demand for the new model.

Now the good news, the executive went on to say that the production for the Nexus 4 will be increased and supply will soon catch up with demand, and Robin also discussed the rumours that both company’s were selling the Nexus 4 at a loss. She said that LG wasn’t interested in selling the Nexus 4 at a loss, and that the two companies had an agreement to sell the handset at an attractive price.

This news comes after we told you yesterday that T-Mobile in the US were making the handset easier to get hold of for its customers, which was followed by rumours that LG were working on two new Nexus products for a release in the summer. So if you are still looking to pick up the Nexus 4 from Google Play with any luck your wait may soon be over. Source: Challenges fr via Google Translate.

Will you still wait for the Nexus 4 stock to become available or will you wait for something else now?


6 thoughts on “Nexus 4 availability set to stabilise despite rumours”

  1. Obviously people are going to wait… When are the phone manufacturers and worst, the networks, going to realise we dont want them modifying and branding our phones… The main attraction to an android phone is the operating system – so when a manufacturer replaces half the UI with their own its usually not a good thing and always means that firmware updates end up being delayed or non existent.

    More devices should be available with plain un-modified android in its newest version. then they too might find the demand for them would be like the nexus 4.

  2. Balaji Venkatesan says:

    Well every year a Nexus comes out and waiting will for sure give you something better but this one is better actually the best than the previous nexus phones… and the way it is sold online I am sure its worth buying. The only unhappiness I have is that none of the nexus models were launched in India and of course in many other countries. I have no choice other to get help from my friends in US or UK to get one and send it to India which obviously will cost me damn on the courier…

  3. Phaneeswar says:

    I agree nexus has a great specs a very low price. Waiting for a week or few days is fine…but waiting for months together is tooooo much. I’m going to buy Samsung Note 2.

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