Nokia Lumia 820, 920 PR1.1 Portico update release

Towards the end of last year Microsoft launched the new Windows Phone 8 operating system in the company’s latest attempt to carve a slice out of the increasingly crowded smartphone market. Finnish smartphone manufacturer Nokia has led the way releasing hardware onto the platform, and we now have news of the Nokia Lumia 820, 920 PR1.1 Portico update release.

The update was released back in December for US users and now Nokia is pushing the update out around the world for both the Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 smartphones. The update is pushed out by the company in a staggered rollout so don’t worry if you have yet to receive a notification of its availability.

It will be arriving on owner’s handsets over a number of weeks and Nokia expects to have completed the rollout by the middle of March. The new update will bring with it a number of different features, performance improvements, and battery management to the hardware.

These include the option of sending text replies to incoming calls, enhancements to Internet Explorer, improved Bluetooth connectivity, improvements to imaging performance, better start up sequence, battery management, messaging improvements with mass deletion now possible, and other updates and enhancements.

Owners are advised to have a fully charged battery before starting the update process and to be connected to a solid Wi-Fi connection for the update to begin. The update should take around thirty minutes to complete, and the handset will restart once complete.

Some owners in the US that have already received the update are still complaining of the sudden freezing and hanging of the Windows Phone 8 handsets despite the latest firmware update. Hopefully this latest firmware release will have sorted these issues but only time will tell, and let us know if you have received the update yet and how the handset is now performing.

Source: Symbian tweet.


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