Optrix XD5 super sports case for iPhone 5

The Apple iPhone 5 is another phenomenal success for Apple and of course once you have that gleaming new device in your hand you may well want to keep it looking that way. If you are particularly robust in the use of your iPhone and it has to stand up to some tough treatment then the Optrix XD5 super sports case for iPhone 5 bills itself as the “toughest iPhone case ever seen.” Read on for more on what this case has to offer.

There are plenty of iPhone 5 cases on the market so what makes the Optrix XD5 for iPhone 5 stand out from the crowd. First of all there’s the price as this one is not cheap at $129.95. However if you really want tough protection for your iPhone 5 then you may well decide it’s worth every cent. The XD5 has been redesigned offering lighter but stronger protection for your phone using the same technology as used in Formula 1 to protect drivers.

The Optrix XD5 product page cites drop tests with heights at which different cases will protect your iPhone with no damage. For the average case this is given as 2ft and for a Lifeproof case 6ft, but the Optrix XD5 rate is 15ft. An access door also features on the XD5 with access to the microphone, headphone jack, and charging connector so users can film and charge their device at the same time. As well as this the Optrix XD5 also has a waterproof rating to a depth of 15ft (although not of course when the access door is open).

Other features include an all-glass, three element, wide-angle lens and there’s also a rail mounting system. Users can simply slide the XD5 housing onto the rail ready for mounting but when slid off the case will give your iPhone 5 tough and rugged protection in most surroundings. If you want a closer look or to order the Optrix XD5 for iPhone 5 case then head to this Optrix page.

You may also be interested in other iPhone 5 cases we’ve recently posted about such as the OtterBox Armor Series or the iGlaze Kameleon case with kickstand or how about the ingenious Whale Case for iPhone 5. We’d like to hear your thoughts on the Optrix XD5. Do you think this tough case is worth its rather costly price tag? Send us your comments on this.

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