Samsung Galaxy Note Jelly Bean nears with manual update


Smartphone manufacturer Samsung has been busy in the last few months updating some of its range to the Android Jelly Bean operating system. This has mainly focused on last year’s flagship models such as the Galaxy S3, while owners of older models up until recently have been left waiting, but now it seems that the Samsung Galaxy Note Android Jelly Bean firmware is closer following a manual update and some news from Canadian carrier TELUS.

The company recently started to push out the new operating system to another 2011 flagship device, the Galaxy S2, and now Samsung has updated the user manual for the GT-N7000 Galaxy Note. The support page for the handset now has a new user manual that includes the Jelly Bean firmware, and is dated January 25th, 2013.

This manual has been updated to include the changes that the firmware update will bring to the device, and namely what Samsung are calling the Premium Suite. This includes a number of new features such as Google Now, and the Samsung Multi View feature.

In another piece of news that further shows the update is almost here, Canadian carrier TELUS has officially revealed when it will start updating both the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy S2. The carrier will begin rolling out the Jelly Bean update during next month, so users could be only a couple of weeks away from receiving the new OS.

Both handsets are down to receive Android 4.1 at anytime during the month, but it does say that dates and versions numbers may change or vary by device. It is not known if these updates will be available as an over the air update or via the Samsung KIES desktop application, but at least it seems the handsets are getting closer to experiencing arguably the best Android OS so far.

Once Samsung does release Jelly Bean for the Galaxy Note it will also be the case of waiting for carrier specific versions to receive the software, as many of you will be well aware some carriers can take ages updating handsets to later software. Sources: Samsung and TELUS.

Which of the new features are you looking forward to most with the Android Jelly Bean update?


3 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note Jelly Bean nears with manual update”

  1. Tom says:

    Piece of crap I hate it. Very difficult to work yet and seems to never respond the same way twice almost impossible to down load new movie clips and music. It looks like th only have aired 3 weeks so I can take it back to a tea and tea 2 morrow and tell them where to shove it ey are down loading but our then impossible to find anywhere
    .l Only got it because of the big screen which is pretty and the discount price. And as you can see the voice recognition feature is garbage

  2. photo says:

    Bunch of internet lies on updates that have been going on since August 2012. Stop the rumors to help your traffic and ads. Shameful rumors and shame in you Samsung for taking longer than 8 months to get us a simple update that is vital to your $300 officially priced phone. No more samsungs.

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