Nexus 4 heated hype with T-Mobile & Google Play


It seems the LG Nexus 4 hype continues and this has started heated discussions from around the world, is this smartphone really the one worth waiting for? Personally there are many other smartphones out there that are just as good if not better, but we will converse a few things that our readers have hit on and what they think about the Nexus 4 and all the excitement.

On Saturday 28th we reported some appealing news about the Nexus 4 and further disappointment for US with a little twist to boot, it seems that this handset is very hard to own. Many consumers would rather buy the Nexus 4 via Google Play and that is understandable because they was selling outright for only £239 ($376) for the 8GB model, we say “Was’ because they are still out of stock. The news we provided Saturday was mainly about T-Mobile US having the handset in stock and then they were out of stock, but it seems on the T-Mobile website they are back in stock again.

The downside to buying elsewhere rather than Google Play is the money difference, with Google Play you can buy the Nexus 4 outright, buy direct from the likes of T-Mobile and you will have to go the contract route, which is not cheap at all. We can see over on T-Mobile that the cheapest option is the ‘Classic 500 Minute / Talk’ and this will set you back $39.99 per month, add that up over one year is a staggering $479.88 but times that by two because they are on a 2 year agreement and you will pay $959.76, ouch is what we say here, it makes sense to wait for Google Play to get more stock in.

Now we move onto the Nexus 4 hype train, what is all the hype about? We have had many comments fly in over the last few months and we really want to share them on a wider scale so that you can answer them right here, instead of looking at our multiple articles that we have published.

One reader mentioned – “What is all this hype about?” The reader said that they purchased the Nexus 4 after owning the Galaxy Nexus, and said it is a great handset that is faster as well as having a better camera, but it is not exactly and God send. They also mentioned that the Nexus 4 is not like going from the Motorola’s RAZR to the Original iPhone, what do you think about this statement from one of our readers?

Another reader said that if the Nexus 4 is in popular demand, both LG and Google should ramp up production, if they did this they might have an iPhone killer on their hands. When they say iPhone killer they mean one smartphone against another, not the iPhone against all Android phones. Another interesting comment we read was a reader quoting “It’s all about value. Nexus 4 has nearly the same specs as the Galaxy S3, yet costs half as much.”

It does not matter to the buyer who is to blame being it Google or LG, what matters is the Nexus 4 is one of the most sought after handsets on the market and both firms need to capitalise on this and get more stock in. It is a very stupid saga that could damage both Google’s and LG’s credibility.

We here at Phones Review would love to know if you are now considering forgetting the LG Nexus 4 and thinking about purchasing a different phone altogether, if you have anything to say about the Nexus 4 please do share with us. How long will the Nexus 4 hype continue?


16 thoughts on “Nexus 4 heated hype with T-Mobile & Google Play”

  1. uksnapper says:

    I still buy second hand phones as and when I fancy a change.The old one gets sold off and its rare to spend more than an additional £20 to “upgrade”.
    Current model on pay as you go is a Nokia E90 communicator, which does all I need and keeps the yearly running cost below £80 including cost of “upgrading”

  2. Reader says:

    As someone considering an upgrade from an HTC Desire handset approaching its third birthday, and reluctant to enter a two year contract, the release of the Nexus 4 for less than £300 (GBP) was exactly what I have been looking for. Compared to the offline price of an HTC One X or Galaxy S3 it’s a no-brainer. Although at least they remain in stock. I shall wait for a little while longer, but the pace of mobile phone releases remains swift and there is bound to be another handset along sooner rather than later.

  3. Reader says:

    Xperia Z might be a Nexus 4 killer. They need to get this into our hands before the next generation of phones with 1080p resolution hit the market.

    1. Assad Jawaid says:

      Dumbass….T-Mobile version is unlocked already. 1 phone being sold by carrier and on Play store. Its the same phone minus price difference.

    2. Alvin says:

      Scott nexus 4 is manufactured unlocked, I went to t-mobile two days ago to change my family plan and the employee also thought it was locked to t-mobile so I asked the employee “why do u think this nexus is the only phone in you store without the t-mobile logo?” The employee was trying to convince me to buy the nexus 4 from them but I had to explain to him that I’d be paying almost $200 more in a 2 year contract period compared to buying it from google to which he said “are you sure after buying from google it will work with tmobiles 4g/3g network?”.

  4. r says:

    It’s all about the unlocked phone at a reasonable price. BTW T-Mo’s $39.99/month does not include a data package or tax. I’m still waiting, but growing very impatient.

    Was this all part of the plan to get people in line for the next version (take a bite of apple)? Lasting relationships don’t form when public finger pointing starts, unless it’s part of a campaign. If this Google vs LG war is real, I would figure Google would drop LG in a heartbeat.

  5. Ramchandra says:

    You have hit the point right there, for many its the price that matters. You have a great phone with an unbeatable price. Phones in the similar price range dont even match upto the Nexus 4. It is a great phone, maybe not the best, but value that it offers is unmatched. It being unlocked is another gift.

  6. Steve says:

    My local T-Mobile in the US has the 8gb in stock for $549USD, an 84% markup over Google Play’s $299USD. Granted it’s not the phone to die for, but for those of us who have to pay outright for our phones (typically via eBay), the Nexus 4 at the Google play price beats anything out there by a mile.

  7. Khater says:

    for me I’m waiting the Nexus 4 … not for the specification there’s a lot phone in the market had the the same power and maybe much higher than the Nexus 4
    but its all about the NEXUS LINE … if you are an android lover, you will get my point.

  8. Many have done that , many of my fiends tired of waiting and missing many a holiday and festive moments decided may be its not the ideal buy .. Why wait for eternity when you can get if.not better but equal stuff sooner and end up using it when you need it the most : NOW !!

  9. Andrew says:

    It’s not the lack of stock that is frustrating, it’s Google & LG’s near enough silence on the matter and just bickering publicly about who is to blame – extremely poor customer service.

  10. For me, the most important factor is it runs stock Android, with no crappy bloatware or locked settings or any of that crap manufacturers and carriers seem to love to load our devices with. That is worth waiting for

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