iOS 6.1 problems since update for iPhone 5 & iPod touch


We always try to keep readers in the loop about software updates for their various devices and just two days ago we told readers that the latest Apple mobile operating system update, iOS 6.1, was now available. The update is compatible for many iPhone, iPad and iPod touch’s and we managed to download and install it with no initial problems. However we often find that problems can arise after a software update and once again that seems to be the case with iOS 6.1 for some iPhone 5 users and also iPod touch 5th generation owners.

The iOS 6.1 update contained a few improvements and also bug fixes as we detailed here. Sometimes after an iOS update we have reported that iOS device users are having problems installing the update and sometimes other issues seem to come to light after the update has been installed and this time around people seem to be having problems with both. An Apple Support communities thread shows some are having difficulties with downloading and installing the OTA (over-the-air) update. Instead of a seamless update experience they are seeing an “Unable to verify update” message.

Also even though those complaining about this problem insist that their Internet connections are satisfactory the error message goes on to say, “iOS 6.1 failed verification because you are no longer connected to the Internet.” This problem mainly seems to be affecting iPod touch (5th gen) owners although at least one iPhone 5 owner notes the same problem, according to Softpedia.

In further news on the iOS 6.1 update it seems that some iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 owners have also made their way to forum threads to query problems since the update. One iPhone 5 user for example says that they lost network connectivity with the update, which now comes and goes, and also noted issues with battery life (this seems to be a common theme after iOS updates). Apparently this iPhone user found the battery drained by 40% in only one hour after the update and also noticed a GPS issue. Various efforts to fix the issues such as restoring the iPhone or resetting network connections have made no difference.

We were pretty surprised though when this person managed to get a replacement iPhone (without the 6.1 update) when they took the device back to an Apple Store, perhaps this suggests that Apple knew of the issues? The problems seem to be affecting users worldwide with an Italian iPhone 5 user also noticing issues while an iPhone 4 instance involves an owner who says that none of their phone’s ringtones have worked since the update, according to Mobile&Apps.

We’re interested to try to get an idea of whether these are very isolated incidents or problems that are more widespread so we’d really like to hear from readers about this and of course you can share your experiences with other readers. Has your iOS device been affected since the iOS 6.1 update? Did you have problems installing the update or difficulties since? Let us know which device you are using, where you are located and what the issues are that you have noted by sending your comments.


165 thoughts on “iOS 6.1 problems since update for iPhone 5 & iPod touch”

  1. Greg says:

    I have a iphone 4s after download of 6.1 two problem came up. First I got an error message when I sync with home computer…”Back up could not be complete due to error”. Second the phone will not pair with my car….2008 E350 Benz. Worked with Apple and re-stalled OS and error has gone away. The pairing is still a problem with the Benz. Bluetooth not working with this this update….I had no problem for years prior. Wish I did not download the update. Maybe Apple will correct with a patch.

  2. Rob Dub says:

    I Have the iPhone 5 through Verizon. I had no issues during the new 6.1 update but now Siri is gone and my connection will not stay connected. It comes and goes and takes forever to get connected. Very disappointing considering I am a fairly new iPhone user.

  3. San says:

    I installed iOS 6.1 in my iPod (4th gen). My iPod cannot manage to connect to the routers i use at work, which are different brands (one of them is an ASUS).

    I have also noticed that it does connect to other routers without problem.
    Have tried doing a hard reset, switching on and off the wifi, renew the lease and also forgetting the network and reconnecting again, and they didn´t work. In one of the modems it does not pass the password verification, after forgetting the network.
    … a bit dissapointed by Apple.
    Perhaps is time to start to think about other brands for my next mobile device?

  4. Installed iOS 6.1 on my iPhone 5 and have noticed both battery drain and it is constantly rebooting during calls and other operations. Logs have everything from Swackett, Twittered and Low Memory conflicts which seems all over the board for a version that went through 5 beta versions first.

    1. Humphrey Chen says:

      Thanks for sharing your experiences w iOS 6.1 update! Sounds like Apple failed to address the battery drain issue from 6.0.2, and the fix/improvement to WiFi connectivity issue seems to spotty at best! I guess for now, I will just stay w iOS 6.0.1.

  5. Jrocker23 says:

    Had a ton of issues with 6.1 on my IPhone 5. Not the first time I had issues with an iPhone update. just fed up now. Took friends advice, went to Verizon and traded it in for the new HTC Droid Dna. Cannot believe how good android has become and the 4G Lte is amazingly fast. Bye Bye Apple..

  6. Annoyed says:

    Installed iOS 6.1 on iPhone 5. Unable to exit out of recovery mode. Connected to itunes and after going through the restore it tells me that my phone cannot be found and the restore has failed…great now I have a paper weight.

  7. I had network connectivity issues. Seems like when Apple supports LTE on your network, but the network provider has not activated the LTE service on your contract, it does not fall back to edge/3g, it just simply doesnt connect to the network at all. Fixed this by getting my provider to enable LTE. Battery life for me is also an issue after upgrading. Havent been able to solve that yet.

  8. I just installed the update on both my iPhone 4 and my IPad. My phone seems to be fine. I haven’t had any issues with that so far. On the other hand, my IPad will not charge when plugged into a USB port like it used to. I have to plug it into a wall socket to get it to charge.

  9. Shawn Barker says:

    for every complaint comment in here about the new update I’ve seen three times as many comments elsewhere with no complaints…sounds like the update is not the problem..maybe the way someone takes care of their phone..or they just need to swap it out for another one at the apple store. I certainly haven’t had any….even with the slight chance there might be issues with the update…its still better than owning a piece of android garbage any day…Go have a look at those complain forums…you’ll find all these issues an “then some”

  10. Paddy Tabiner says:

    when updating to 6.1 my iPhone 5 kept losing wifi connection which resulted me having to lay the iPhone on top of the router to complete the download! But since the installation of 6.1 was completed I cant access wifi unless Im sat right by the router. Iv factory rest it several times but nothing has worked. I love apple products but feel let down by lack of concern they show in store and on the phone!

  11. Murray A says:

    I upgraded this morning. Later I asked Siri to record 2 separate Reminders. Neither were documented in the Reminder’s App nor did the reminders ‘do their job’. Don’t know if that has anything to do with the upgrade, but is disconcerting.

  12. Wifi has been super slow and it constantly switches over from wifi to LTE. Have the iPhone 5 on ATT. l’ll have to see how my battery has been doing haven’t been observing it that much. Out go the bugs in come the new one! 😀

  13. Big issue after update iOS 6.01 to iOS 6.1 – my iPhone 4 (16 Gb – officially unlocked at Apple store for international use – I use mine in Brazil) has just 15 days of use, it´s brand new and was working pretty fine before. Now I have lost network connectivity. It goes and comes. Most of the time it appears “No service” on top left (where the carrier name usually appears).
    A friend of mine also has the same problem with a genuine iPhone 4 sold from local carrier in Brazil.

  14. mom2anc says:

    My daughter has an ipod touch 4th generation. She typically would put it on an ipod dock at night and wake up to her ipod. The ipod will no longer charge when connected to a wall outlet or the dock. It will only charge when connected to the computer. This only happened after the iOS 6.1 update.

    1. Joe says:

      Same issue for me, plugged in my phone to my wall charger – woke up this morning to phone @ 25%… after fumbling around changing outlets & USB cables, I tried plugging it into my computer. Sure enough, it starts to charge when plugged into the computer, but not my apple wall charger.

  15. Don says:

    Last week my iPhone 5 would only be down 5-10% in 24 hours. I mostly text and e-mail. After the 6.1 update yesterday it has been 20 hours since the last charge and it is down 60%. Something is up.

  16. muz73 says:

    Since updating, I cannot use the external speakers I’ve been using for 2 years previously with no problems. Now get a message saying this device is not compatible with iphone.

    1. muz73 says:

      I have since spoken to apple support. They say they cannot do anything if the speakers are not an official Apple device. No guarantee of compatibility with software update! They should have warned of this possibility before performing any update 🙁

  17. cab1 says:

    Upgraded from 6.0.1 to 6.1 (skipping 6.0.2)
    Lost 75% of wifi download speed. Upload speed is the same. Other iphones, ipads, and macs are still at the previous speed, so definitely an ios 6.1 issue. nothing else changed on the phone.

  18. Minjis says:

    I tried updating mine via cable on itunes. Update failed (dont know why- i have both the wi-fi and 3g on), and then a prompt came up saying that i now have to restore my phone! I have not done that yet and have to wait for them to call me through my friends phone (as mine is not working at all, and its not coz of the battery). I tried uninstalling and installing itunes but still nothing! Have also tried to switch on and off and do a soft reset but nothing still! I have an iphone 5.

  19. CindyC says:

    iPHone 5: It can’t seem to verify my account information for icloud. It says that I will receive verification instructions by email, and I do receive an email from Apple, but there are no verification instructions.

    1. Heaven(: says:

      Mine does it to. mine will just be in my pocket the whole day unless i get a text or something and it will just die like that. I leave the house with at least a 98% and it takes me 25-30 minutes to get the work by the time i get there it is back to 76% or around that!!!

  20. George Walker says:

    Please take my comments with a grain of salt, since I’ve only had my iPhone 5 for a day, but almost immediately after I brought my iPhone home I installed 6.1, but my battery has not been lasting anything like the claims from Apple; for instance, in the last approximately 25 mins I’ve downloaded one app over wifi, sent a couple text messages, replied to one email, and written this comment, in that time I’ve lost 7% of my battery, I really hope Apple gets this fixed soon.

    1. DonDonBuri says:

      Your iPhones’ battery is brand new. I had the same issue, but after a couple of weeks it will have calibrated itself to your general usage habbits and will improve ( I sometimes get over an hours usage per ten percent of battery life which is actually more than apple’s stated 8 hour battery life. But I understand your initial reaction haha

      1. Heaven(: says:

        well my phone isnt new, and my battery drains like nothing and im not on it that much.. ill leave my house and by the time i get to work it will go from 98% to 76% in 20 minutes. I dont drop my phone or anything.

  21. Tex says:

    Three of the 4 iPhones in our family updated without incident. We had one iPhone 5 that was reset to factory defaults and had to be restored from the last backup. It was updated on our home wi-fi.

  22. I’ve had every iPhone since the first iPhone. One thing I’ve learned over the years is NOT to jump on the just released iOS update, let it bake in the oven a bit longer, give it extra couple weeks.

  23. wolsen says:

    I have an iPhone 5 and when I installed IOS 6.1 it put my device in DFW mode and I cannot do anything. My computer does not recognize my device. DO NOT GET THE UPDATE!!!!!

  24. Since the update, my phone has been freezing, and rebooting repeatatively. I fixed it temporarily by turning off the auto-brightness feature because the bug seemed to be graphic in nature. Then I noticed that it tends to reset more often if I use my phone on a charger (which is 90% of the time that I’m at work).

  25. Purple says:

    I have an iPhone 4, tried to update the software wirelessly this morning, when I picked up the phone again it had gone into recovery mode and has been like that ever since. I’ve tried to fix it by connecting to my laptop and have done this a number of times but the update keeps failing and I am am getting numerous error messages saying the phone is stuck in recovery mode. I’ve looked on line to resolve the issue but all the solutions have not worked. It will need to go to the apple store to get fixed as I have exhausted all other options I am aware of.

    1. Minjis says:

      Hey, mine did the same thing (iphone 5 though). I left it like that till I contacted Apple and they told me that i do have to restore the phone. Luckily, i had backed up all my data before it went bonkers, so i got everything back, apart from a few whatsapp messages. Good luck!

  26. Disco says:

    After a wireless update my phone signal dissapeared and comes back more often than before. My new iPhone 5 keeps freezing and doing odd things and also my iTunes account keeps asking me for my password. I enter it and within 3 seconds it comes back, this keeps happening until I press cancel. I’m in Surrey, u.k. Sort it out apple!!!

  27. Both my sister and I have iPhone 4 since we update this morning we’ve been recieving text messages from each other contacts we’ve tried everything can’t seem to get them to work normally again is anyone else having this issue?

      1. C C says:

        My wife and daughter accidentally registered each other’s phone numbers in Messages after the update. We were getting messages from her friends all night… good thing no one incriminated themselves in something. 🙂 Thanks for the advice.

  28. gjmoo7 says:

    I have six iPhone 5 on my account with Verizon and I updated all the phones with the new 6.1 and so far there are no problems yet. Everything seems to be working just fine. It’s weird how so many people are having problems and some are not.

  29. Since updating mine (5) the keyboard. Is. Awful. It double registers what u hit. So. U get. Tthhee. For exapple and.lots. Of full stops instead. Of spaces. Keeps zooming.past the border. Too. I. Can’t even see the time at the top sometimes. But if u take a screen. Shot. It shows the full screen not what. I actually. See. Sometimes backspace. Sticks. Too. And deletes. The. Lot!

  30. Juan says:

    Updating was the worst. I have an Iphone 4s and My Wifi is greyed out and Bluetooth can not find all my devices…Apple does not say anything…I live in Colombia

  31. addy68 says:

    Since the update, Words With Friends crashes whenever I try to open it. My Kindle app asks for a registration, then gives me an ‘Internal-Error’ message when I type in my user info. Every time I open Gmail, I have to log in, and other apps, such as Goodreads, crash upon opening.

  32. My iPhone 4 stopped working with IOS 6.0.1, so I don’t think it’s just the newest update. I think the problem is Apple isn’t resolving any issues with one Firmware before they release the next one. They just keep pushing out updates adding features before making the ones already present work properly. My phone now crashes out of every app, even settings and phone calls, cause both of those “Are Apps”, so I can’t use my phone for longer than 20 seconds before it crashes back to the main screen. Also my battery drains 1% every 2 minutes. I’m going to an Apple store today to discuss this, and they better have a good answer for me, or a replacement, out of warranty or not.

  33. itutorit says:

    An iPad 3 had the verification fail issue, but repeatedly clicking Retry finally brought results. As this was jus this morning, can testify to post-installation issues. My iPhone 4, however, suffers from the issue and no matter how many times I click Retry, no luck. But, if there are so many post-install issues, maybe it’s an ill wind…

  34. Ellen says:

    Did the update and could not get out of recovery mode had to restore the whole phone. Took forever. Now have connectivity problems when not on wifi. Outside have zero internet capabilities.

  35. Shannon says:

    I’m currently attempting to update to iOS 6.1 on my iPhone 5 (USA, Verizon), and the the screen went blank, and is now permanently stuck in recovery mode, and I’m not able to get it off of the “connect to iTunes screen.” Furthermore, my computer no longer recognizes the device.

  36. iPhone 4 updated to 6.1 with no problems, but iPad 3 was stuck at “Preparing Update” for hours. I finally did a hard restart (Sleep+Home button until Apple logo appears), and when I went into Software Update again, it seems to be finishing the installation properly. The progress bar is moving again.

  37. Annoyed says:

    iPhone 4S (USA, AT&T). After update I keep dropping calls. I just tried to call my dad (also AT&T iPhone 4, not sure if he updated) about a dozen times. Each time, the call dropped within 30 seconds.

  38. I updated my brand new Iphone 5 to the iOS 6.1 and now I have no network. It goes in and out of service even when sitting in the same spot. No Service, to one bar, to 5 bars, to searching back to No service all within minutes. When I try to make a call it says failed. I will be in “no service” for an hour in some cases. Horrible

  39. Louise says:

    I have an iPhone 4S and my three kids have iPod touch 4th gen. We’ve all have problems since we’re updated to the iOS 6.1, we connect to the Internet and it disconnects instantly, my router is online and my computer is showing it but my phone says its not connected. Never had a single issue until we upgraded.

  40. Patrick from Lux says:

    After updating my iPhone 5 in Luxembourg to iOS 6.1, my car charger is not recognized anymore. The iPhone displays the following message: “Charging is not supported with this accessory”.
    Charging in my car worked fine until the iOS 6.1 update. Apple socket charger at home still works fine after the iOS 6.1 update.
    What about Apple having confused the minimum current needed for an iPhone to work correctly with the one for the iPad and now some chargers don’t deliver enough current??? I suppose this could be easily messed up, as all Apple devices use the same iOS.

  41. Fiordland says:

    After updating both my iphone 4 and ipad won’t recognise any chargers. We have three chargers and they won’t pick them up, have tried different plugs etc. The ipad was charging fine last night but then the last 12% never happened, I didn’t think much of it unplugged it and stuck my iphone on to charge over night and it received no charge, now they don’t even recognise they are plugged into a power source “/ It’s almost like they hit a certain time and since then nothing, eeeekkkk

  42. Jeff Allen says:

    Have had three iphones, two ipads and numerous ipods without any software issues until iOS 6.1 which is draining my battery and making the phone hot. Bluetooth & wi-fi turned off, all apps closed still have the problem smart arse.

  43. hanifa says:

    Same my volume is not working completely! It doesnt ring when someone calls. it doesnt play music from my phone. Even when i try to change the volume the little screen that usually pops up is not there and nothing happens. This is really bad. Im also having problems with my internet.

  44. Dragonrider says:

    Iphone 5 1 month old – after 6.1 update yesterday nothing but trouble was just fine before – apps keep opening unexpectedly, or whole screen goes black and the only way to recover is turn it entirely off and back on. Noticed battery problem described here today too. Great, an update that breaks things, just what I needed.

  45. grmykmy says:

    After updating my 4S; the speaker goes out about half the time. People can hear me fine but there is no sound at all for me whether regular or on speaker. It comes and goes so for several days, once I get a phone call to go through, I start the conversation by saying “There’s a good chance I will not be able to hear you soon. I will keep talking to tell you what I need to and then try to call back.” Sometimes hanging up and calling back will work.

  46. brandon b. says:

    I have an ipod touch 4th gen. Since update my WiFi times out constantly, I can’t make in app purchases and I used to listen to Pandora while at work, now my battery dies half way through my shift.

  47. Ratul says:

    I updated to ios 6.1 a week ago..now my iphone 4 keeps on eating my bandwidth whenever i put it on charge..its like its downloading something whn its charging..any solution anyone??

  48. Ratul says:

    I updated to ios 6.1 a week ago..now my phone keeps on eating my bandwidth whenever i put it on charge..its like its downloading something whenever on charge..any help??

  49. Ratul says:

    I updated to ios 6.1 a week ago..now my phone keeps on eating my bandwidth whenever i put it on charge..its like its downloading something whenever on charge..any help???

  50. aherna02 says:

    Updated my iPhone 5. Battery drains very fast. Can’t make it through the day without having to charge the phone a second time. Phone also gets hot.

  51. TN says:

    Updated to 6.1 I phone 4 and nothing but problems now. Can’t get 3G and all data will not work. Tried total restore and still does not work. The wifi works but that is the only way to get data.

  52. iOS 6.1 on my iPhone 5 64gb has definitely affected my network speed on AT&T. The connections take FOREVER to load webpages. Even with 4G LTE it is seeming like I am connected to an Edge Network. Maybe just me? I have no clue – I will reset device fully and see if that affects anything.

  53. T.A. says:

    I have a new iPhone 4s and the anser is YES! (to all of the comments you made regarding the update 6.1
    I have had my battery drain in just an hour requiring charging. Then I’ve had ongoing
    problems with the update of apps. Sometimes it’s just blank and other times it works. Also, my internet connection is “spotty” and slower. What’s going on??? Is there anyway to go back to the earlier version of the operating system and without losing all my added apps; etc.???

  54. mike says:

    iphone 4s— updated to 6.1 then lost wifi the button to actually turn the wifi on and off went to a grey color. (unable to turn it on or off). called apple and after multiple resets and trouble shooting was told even though phone out of warranty they would replace it free since problem occurred immediately after their recommended update. so call apple if you have any problems after updating and demand a new phone since their update caused the new problems…………..

  55. RRD says:

    IPad3 64GB LTE: My LTE data usage zoomed to 18GB! $$$ Charges. Usually 2GB. LTE turns itself on @ random & at nite. Wifi doesn’t over-ride LTE automatically. If both are on, data increases 1GB an hour or so. Sound goes off/on at will. Virtual keyboard missing 50% keys at random. Keyboard partially disappears while posting. Auto spell mixes up 80% of words while posting; corrections are endless. Pages missing sections. Jumps to home screen whenever even while typing emails; work lost. Battery dies, plug device in full time. LTE reverts to 3G or no G. Each crash I ‘reset’ connection to ‘factory’; works for an hour and acts up again. Diagnostics in General settings lists pages and pages of “crashed” Apps. Disconnected FB, other Apps, and reduced stored items to 28 GB. When posting, post vanishes. I Paid $1100 for this 64GB LTE iPad incl taxes and necessary assesories. spell ck screws up. Typing slow, wrong letters show up, lines missed (bank). have taken “screen shots” of crashes. AAPLE doesn’t respond to complaints. Apple store “denies” there is an issue. Advises it is a “carrier” issue. Carrier denies it’s the issue. Converting to BB10 & PlayBook as soon as available.

  56. Inder says:

    No problems installing iOS 6.1 on iPhone 5 but now I lose my wifi connection at least 3 or 4 times per day. Lucky I have a 6 gig plan otherwise I would be paying a lot in extra wifi. Charges. My wife has experienced similar problems on her 4s. Come on Apple, fix he problem.

  57. Joorl18 says:

    I attempted to update my iPhone 5 to iOS 6.1 using a cable connection to my computer. The update failed, and the iPhone ended up in recovery mode.
    The solution was to disable my Ethernet connection on the computer, leaving the computer WiFi connection live. Then the restore program was able to connect to Apple, verify the installation, and proceed with the restore and backup.

  58. mamadonn says:

    I had problems with my Iphone 5 since day one: overheating, battery draining, dropping from wifi or not connecting at all…Went back to the Apple store a few times and they just simply replaced my iPhone with a new one without asking any questions and I seemed rather odd but they probably have lots of problems with them and just trying to cover it up, make it look like it’s not a big deal!!! I am switching to a BB10 as soon as my local phone shop gets the new stock of BB10s as they are down to one only and it’s not the color that I want.

  59. Rene Muller says:

    After update, battery life is less, 3g connection fails or is slowly,
    No Hardware connection with USB cable possible,
    Imac (and also Win 7 laptop) do not recognize the Iphone 5 anymore,
    no USB charging possible.

    Only Itunes sync with Wifi is possible.

    i did the update to IOS 6.1 by Wifi and did not get any errors.

    no solutions so far 🙁

  60. Taylor says:

    I just got the new iPhone five, in perfect condition and I’ve yet to drop it or expose it to any of the elements. I’m experiencing text lag, with my screen freezing while catching up to my typing, my screen jumping and causing my keyboard to stay up on my screen after I’ve clicked back to my inbox, and my ringtone skipping and playing Three times instead of once for a single text. They’re small things, but they’re annoyances. I live in Houston.

  61. Barry Davis says:

    I am unable to charge my Iphone 4s from the car since the update IOS 6.1.1. Any answers to resolve the problem. I have used 2 charges and in 2 vehicles without a result. Apple was unable to resolve the issue over the phone tonight.

  62. Barry Davis says:

    I purchased a new car charger with a 1000mA input which worked fine before the upgrade instead of mine which was a 500mA input. This solved the problem with charging. Apple tech support has no idea how to resolve the problem when I called yesterday.

  63. AudioFreak says:

    I’m starting to notice a few quirks here and there on my iPhone 4. It seems more sluggish, and the mail application no longer has the bottom bar with the new mail button. Also sometimes, i can t answer the phone because the slider will not ‘lock’. In that situation i have to push the sleep button and wake the phone again so the slider will lock. Maybe that’s a greasy finger issue, but i don’t think so!

  64. Lori says:

    This is the worst update ever! My email doesn’t work, I can’t get into my settings, other things are so slow. The battery drains itself within 2 hours – my wifi connection craps out. I’m seriously thinking of ditching this iphone altogether and going back to my blackberry or maybe a windows phone. Come on, Apple. Get it together,

  65. Jennifer says:

    My phone vibrates on everything switch is not on vibrate all ringtones are vibrate and no vibrate settings on and did a reset and did not fix it since the latest update. I have the iPhone 5 which I just bought in November I’m going to have to take it in tomorrow not very happy!

  66. Cindy says:

    I upgraded and now I have NO sound. No music, can’t use speaker phone, don’t hear keyboard clicks, phone don’t ring, no alarms or alerts. My camera doesn’t work in lock screen either. Apple told me to back up and restore to factory default. Then reload all my apps and info back on. I did, that didn’t fix it. They said I need to pay to get it fixed because its past the 90 days of ownership. Very mad because I upgraded and used my phone immediately after and it didn’t work!! Think go get a Samsung.

  67. Heaven(: says:

    I am on my phone dont get me wrong but not as much as usual. My phone charges really fast like within 3 minutes of it being on the charger it will go from completely dead to about 25%. But it dies so fast. WHYYY????????

  68. Kim says:

    Terrible connectivity issues with my service provider since the upgrade. I’m having to power off and restart my new ‘5’ three times a day or more.

  69. smack says:

    after the update my screen will go black, then flash back to the log in keys. This happens rapidly over and over again. Then it goes to the turn off screen, then flashes back. There is nothing I can do. I have tried turning it off, and restarting it. I did some web searches and found that other users are also experiencing the same thing, and there is no real fix as far as I can see

  70. Pat says:

    After installing IOS 6.1 on my 5th gen ipod touch via the lightning cable the wifi doesn’t work unless I’m within 5ft of the router very annoyed!!

  71. I just updated the iphone5 (after receiving it today) and lost the home button and on/off button functionality = no way to get to menu – AND THERE IS NO WAY TO GET BACK THE ORIGINAL OS?!? This is HORSE MANURE! Apple SUCKS!!! NEVER AGAIN!

  72. Michelle says:

    After the update, I lost internet capabilities, it cannot locate any wifi connection, I can not use the phone as the calls drop and or are have lots of static. I backed my items up on itunes and ask for a replacement phone. I received my replacement phone and I actvated it, it worked fine with internet connection, phone calls were fine, I plugged my phone into the itunes to get my backed up apps and such and bam! The problems started all over again. Now, I am being sent another replacement phone and SIM card as no one at verizon could figure out the problem.

  73. Pat says:

    Since the update to iOS 6.1.4 I have no voice service, can’t make/receive calls, can’t send/receive sms. Carrier says it’s an Apple issue, Apple says it’s a Carrier issue… I have an iNot instead of an iPhone and I’m getting iPhobic.

  74. Pat says:

    Since update takes forever to see new posts. Sometimes a day. Events are also wiped out. Getting ready to just delete app on phone. Frustrating!

  75. Kimberly Hall says:

    Update in March… Haven’t been able to sync since as my computer does not recognize my phone any more. Also my phone crashed as well . No help from Verizon . IPhone 4S

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