Blackberry 10 Rides to RIM’s Rescue


As the latest Smartphone from RIM debuted in six cities simultaneously, heavy marketing campaigns ensured all eyes were on the new Blackberry 10 operating system as the anticipated saviour of RIM. After experiencing four years of continuously falling market share, from 40% to 4%, Research in Motion (RIM) could be on the verge of pulling off the most impressive resurrection since Lazarus

Desperate times call for desperate measures. The latest marketing strategy included a 30 second advert during The Super Bowl, costing £2.3 million. Together with a drastic change in appearance, without the QWERTY keyboard in the Z10, Blackberry is
placing its hopes on the BB10.

“The ‘experience’ is very attractive for business users and consumers. BB10 has what is needed to seduce back in both developed markets (Europe and North America). I haven’t seen anything like it in terms of the experience,” commented Malik Kamal-Saadi, Informa principal analyst.

Those in RIM telecoms jobs may have managed to turn the company around. Even while restructuring after worrying sales, RIM CEO Thorsten Heins led the progress in the creation of 2 devices for the BB10 launch, the Z10 and X10. Both models are still aimed for personal and business consumers, providing something for everyone. Both have already attracted rave reviews not only for the new look but also for the new operating system.

Peter Misek, an analyst from Jefferies & Co compared the smartphone to competitor devices Android and Apple, saying: “Recent tests and demos have shown a solid browser, smooth touch interface, and intuitive navigation. We now believe the operating system performance could be better than or equal to Android Jelly Bean and likely on par with iOS 6.”

Share prices have already reportedly risen, recorded at a 11% increase at the beginning of the launch week. There is also a high demand from wireless and mobile carriers and numerous pre-orders. Large names have been connected as partners for the storefront including Universal Music, Walt Disney Studios, Warner Music Group and Sony Pictures. RIM now needs to convince business and personal consumers alike that the BB10 is for them.

Fingers are crossed at RIM for the new Blackberry to be the continued success everyone hopes for. If the current reviews are anything to go by; it just might be. Please do comment below on how you think RIM will get on with the new BlackBerry 10 strategy?

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