AT&T HTC One X Jelly Bean update frustrations


With the Android platform there are often certain handsets and carriers that seem to take ages to release newer versions of the operating system, which will often see some networks wait months to provide these updates to its branded smartphones. This can certainly be said with the AT&T HTC One X and the Jelly Bean update, which has caused a lot of frustration among customers of the company.

The new software first made an appearance back in October of last year and over the last few months has slowly been reaching carrier versions of the handset, but US carrier AT&T has still not given any indication of when its customers will be seeing the new firmware.

Recently we have seen TELUS in Canada and Three in the UK join the many carriers that have finally pushed out Android Jelly Bean to the HTC One X, but there are a growing number of AT&T customers still wondering when their handset will be updated.

A growing thread on the AT&T forums has many owners of the handset venting their frustrations at the company with many different dates given for the release of the Jelly Bean update, with many asking AT&T reps either over the phone or in stores.

The annoying trend from many of these company representatives is that it’s coming soon, which probably just means they don’t currently know. There are many customers that following this situation have decided to leave the company once their contracts have ended.

AT&T must have people working on the software testing its compatibility for the HTC One X, and adding carrier branding and other features, but the big question is what is taking them so long? Hopefully the update won’t be too much longer and owners will be treated to the new OS shortly.

Are you angry with AT&T over the HTC One X Android Jelly Bean update?


70 thoughts on “AT&T HTC One X Jelly Bean update frustrations”

  1. john says:

    i’ve been hearing “coming soon” for a WHILE now. it’s really starting to lose it’s meaning. and yeah, i feel like leaving at&t after my contract ends.

  2. OrdinaryAmerican says:

    I’m waiting for the Google X phone. Unlocked and off-contract, is the new way to go. Even staying with AT&T wouldn’t be so bad, if I could just have timely up-dates from Google/Motorola. T-Mobile would save me about $30 monthly.
    Adios, AT&T.

    1. pissed says:

      T-Mobile isn’t any better with HTC I have the one s and theyve been beta testing the update with “select” customers since Christmas. let alone saying the update was coming soon since October.

      1. Cryssi313 says:

        T-Mobile is HORRIBLE when it comes to sending their updates. By the time we finally get it, they’ll probably be rolling out the next version right after! ugh!!

    1. grnlantern79 says:

      Verizon is not much better, Samsung and Apple seem to be on the ball on updating their phones on all networks and WiFi devices. I don’t think it’s always the carrier cause Samsung has updated phones before the htc one x was released. I think HTC is either pushed to the side by carriers or they drag ass on updates.

  3. Shall says:

    This is the same exact scenario that AT&T customers went through with the original Samsung Galaxy S. In that instance, the phone was launched July 2010 with the promise from AT&T that FROYO would come very soon. It took until February 18th the next year for this to happen. For me, this is a repeat so no big deal. Either we wait until the update happens or we root and flash.

    1. Rowdyc says:

      I was one of the AT&t customers that bought their version of the original Samsung Galaxy S and had to root phone because updates were slow. Since then, I swore off Samsung and got the HTC One X over the SIII. What a big mistake. Same results with two contracts, no updates to one of their best selling phones. Next time I’m swarring off AT&T. My traffic driving decisions are like my phone buying decisions. Each time I change phones/lanes, I’m stuck while other lanes/phones are moving forward.

      1. Shall says:

        I agree in that I thought HTC would be faster in terms of an update however this update timing is no better and my experience with the Galaxy S soured me on the SG3. Getting back to the original gist of the article, my frustration with AT&T is not with the update but in having HTC build a “better” version of the One X (One X +) so soon after releasing the original came out. This in my estimation is where the breakdown occurred, essentially abandoning the original One X consumers. AT&T has absolutely no motivation to bring this update to us and is willingly showing it. Now we have the HTC M7 on the horizon so again, and AT&T will throw it’s weight behind a new product launch as opposed to rushing to prepare an update for an “end of life” product.

  4. story says:

    Bleh. HTC makes beautiful devices… AT&T on the other hand has proven to be the Wal-Mart of phone carriers. Lacking in personal touch, customer appreciation and overall quality of service. In summation, rich and lazy.

  5. I had the One X, got frustrated & handed it down to my teenager. I had thought about getting the One X+, but after this, I have to assume that in 6 months, AT&T & HTC will abandon this device for the leaked & confirmed M7 aka HTC One. With that in mind, I decided to give Samsung, a company I once disliked nearly as much as Apple, a try. They still make devices with super cheap crappy plastic battery covers, even worse, they now integrate the NFC chip into those easily damaged body plates/battery doors, making them a $30 replacement part now, if you want an AT&T OEM replacement, not an even crappier Chinese knock off.

    That said, other than the crappy back/battery cover, I am pretty happy with the 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Galaxy Note 2 from Samsung. It has some awesome features, you know, those things that HTC stopped adding, choosing instead to put all their eggs in the camera & Beats audio basket. So, after more than a decade as an extremely loyal HTC customer, I can tell you that it will be some time before I will even consider another HTC device. My next device will likely be the Motorola Nexus X until these companies realize that customer service is as big a feature as anything else & that updates are definitely a cornerstone of customer service.

  6. throtol says:

    I had an HTC Inspire 4G – the phone that HTC would not upgrade to ICS. The Sense 4.x update turned my telephone into a brick when upgrading at an AT&T store. I am not certain how common this error was to the upgrade. In turn, I was provided with an HTC One. I have been waiting patiently since October for the Jelly Bean upgrade. I will wait it out for a few months longer and go with Verizon if it is not updated this spring.

  7. As I said in the thread, AT&T has a big problem respecting these customers. Verizon has eaten market shares and caused AT&T great frustration and that results in layoffs and things not moving as fast as it needs. One day AT&T will get it together but today is not that day.

  8. here in the USA t mobile its massivly to late lol massivly too late so thats why i bught a new phone and its not htc wow lame ass boring looooooooooooong last wait that i never got jelly bean on my htc one s so now i moved on to a have a LG nexus 4 tmobile wayyy better too and has quadcore…. how sad for htc lol wow tho lol htcs sad

  9. SexWithMyGlassesOn says:

    I got fed up with AT&T’s crap so i rooted, unlocked my bootloader and flashed CyanogenMod 10. which is 4.1 JB. Best move I’ve made, when 10.1 (4.2.1 JB) is stable ill upgrade to that.

  10. AT&T is terrible. Users who took the plunge and switched to android due to HTC’s excellent but early product now regret not waiting for SIII or even staying with AT&T. Now with other carriers offering unlimited data even grandfathered customers such as me will be reevaluating once the contract is up.

  11. Krazy says:

    The most frustrating part for me is checking every couple weeks for any word on the update. I understand that I’ll be notified once the update is available, but some kind of timeline would be nice. Even if they said “sometime in April”, it sucks that we have to wait, but at least they’d be telling us SOMETHING.

  12. chad huneycutt says:

    Well I called Att Saturday since my second one x is trash I asked them for a early upgrade they said ok we have a few refurbished phones I said ok I was looking into the matrix hd and asked them to.call me back so I can see some reviews about it still no callback Wth Att you are all liers I’m stuck with this pos phone now

  13. RowdyC says:

    In the month of February, PlayStation is giving away free games for certain phones, like the HTC One X, that have the power to play those types of games. The phone will need to run Jelly Bean to get the free games. Root and upload ROM or wait on AT&T in order to get PlayStation games?… XDA here I come!

  14. I blamed Motorola when I bought the last AT&T ‘Flagship’ phone and they reneged on their promise to provide ICS. I bought the OneX so I knew a real company was standing behind the product. Unfortunately, this is not on HTC – this is 100% of AT&T. I am positive this has everything to do with the AT&T bloatware as Jelly Bean works on this phone as proven by Rodger, Telus, etc. AT&T – you have lost my business. I bought a Nexus 4 when they finally became available again and I am switching all my business over to T-Mobile (3 lines). Here is a clue AT&T – NO ONE WANTS YOUR BLOATWARE – so spending even $1 on coding, testing, etc is completely wasted. If there is ever a class action lawsuit against AT&T over this issue, I will gladly join in.

  15. akhil says:

    By not pushing JB to One X, ATT is just making sure that people don’t buy any ATT flagship device. I would have gone for a Nexus device instead but that doesn’t gives me LTE, Dying for a LTE Nexus device that would truly ROCK

  16. Jeff says:

    Absolutely leaving AT&T over this one. It’s happened before and I’m sick and tired of the proprietary add-on junk that one cannot remove. As soon as the contract is up, what out Google Nexus.

  17. Brannon says:

    I have the att one x but i am trying to sell it so that I can buy the Optimus G, the Optimus G is the same thing as the nexus 4 but with LTE and to top that off. there is a program that you can fully convert your Optimus G into the Nexus 4 but with LTE.

  18. ItaliaMike says:

    I’m with Telus, and we still don’t have Jelly Bean for the One S. This is pretty pathetic, they said it was going to be released before the end of 2012, and here we are 2 months in 2013 and still nothing. Enough of these skins and custom UI, it takes way too long for updates to come through. Nobody wants your crappy Sense Skin HTC, just send us stock Android, I’m really considering rooting my phone. I also hate how we’re unable to uninstall preloaded apps.

  19. Mijo says:

    I think the carriers were offered a deal by another company, maybe Samsung, to pospone HTC release dates. I have one s on tmobile and they too had an Oct release date.

  20. I don’t understand why people are leaving AT&T because of this. Jellybean has released on other AT&T devices such as the Galaxy SIII. Seems to be an HTC specific issue with AT&T…maybe you should leave HTC.

    1. Seb says:

      It’s not HTC-specific. I’ve had similar problems with Samsung devices on AT&T (my wife’s Infuse is still on Froyo — Gingerbread was released in December 2010) and I think it has more to do with what gets prioritized in AT&T’s development schedule. I used to curse AT&T’s handling of Samsung and so switched to HTC… now I’m just going back to Samsung. One way or another, someone in our house will get an update sooner or later. Maybe. Hopefully.

      1. pocketdrummer says:

        We need to start a petition to remove AT&T from the development. HTC should be able to push the update right to the phones without having to wait for AT&T to ruin it with bloatware. Lets me honest, it’s not like they’re writing endless lines of code to make the software work on their network. They’re dragging ass just to make your user experience worse.

  21. mikemike says:

    it is just a terrible move that AT&T has done continuously: Atrix 4G? Never updated to ICS. HTC Inspire? Updated into a faulty software that was NEVER fixed by AT&T and HTC. HTC One X? Still way behind. AT&T wants you to buy more androids than iPhones due to the amount subsidized to Apple on said iPhone, but when they come out with android devices, they start out w/the newest software and then fall way behind. It’s annoying and I’m done purchasing any android device from AT&T. I’ll stick with an iPhone 5 and my Nexus 7 tablet. (Which just updated to 4.2.2)

  22. coffeefuckyeah says:

    I’m leaving ATT for sure because of this. It’s crazy in 2013 that this type of closed minded corporate ideals in a market such as this is still the norm.

  23. AT&T EMPLOYEE says:

    Every one on this thread just said that AT&T sucks then someone said Verizon isnt much better, then another person said Tmobile sucks. I am an AT&T retail rep and i have to say, i deal with people like you all day long and it really gets tiring. Nothing is ever good enough for you people. What if someone went to your job and said your service sucked, or your company sucks. So what AT&T is stalling, are you dying? does this update effect your life in a big way? its software people! I to am very frustrated that WE(AT&T) have not released the update but oh well its just software!

    1. ArchAngel_7 says:

      It’s phones, software and service we pay a great deal of money for. I sympathize with you, but from my perspective, it would be nice to not be the last one in the world to get an update. My Note was for ICS, and now Jellybean.
      I’m not sure it’s At&t’s fault though. As constrained as I was with my IPhone, everything it did do worked flawlessly and I didn’t have to wait months after the rest of the was board with an update before I even get it.

  24. UPDATE FAIL!!!!! be careful what you wish for people, my wife and I got the jelly bean update on our HTC One X’s last week and it screwed up everything! Wifi will connect but will not work we cannot go to the play store, we cannot look at our pictures the same or share them or store them safely the only solution we were offered was to completely wipe the phone make sure you store your photos and videos and backup your apps before you do this jelly bean update to your HTC One X. They won’t even connect to the HTC Sync manager. Very frustrated, not sure how to get my photosoff the phone so I can wipe it and use it again, can’t use Dropbox, Picasa,or any other virtual storage!

  25. nikunj says:

    i upgarde htc one x at&t to jellybean but it speed become low so i have go back to ice cream sandwich what to do to go back to ice sand wich

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