Gradiente iPhone Neo One & Brazilian Conflict


The Gradiente iPhone Neo One is still on sale for those in Brazil, a smartphone that has the same name aka iPhone as Apple and it seems Apple cannot do anything at all about this. The huge company with the fruit logo had a massive costly conflict in the trademark battle in Brazil over use of the name iPhone, but it seems Apple may not win this one because they do not hold the trademark on the iPhone in Brazil.

Apple like they always do will contest this by stating since 2008 IGB has not used the iPhone trademark, and that the 5-year deadline ended in 2012. The National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) has got 60 days to respond to Apple’s challenge with a verdict at the end of it.

IGB Electronica already applied for the iPhone trademark back in 2000 and it was finally granted in 2008 and in Brazil it states that whoever applies first for a trademark name will have to use it within 5-years. The latest news reports that Brazilian regulators have ruled that Apple does not have exclusive rights to use the “iPhone” trademark in the country.

Apple can continue to sell iPhone-branded handsets in Brazil, which is good news.

Check out this website where you can buy the Android Gradiente iPhone Neo One, do you think Apple will win this one? Not really much else we can say other than please do comment below as your opinion means the world to us.


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  1. Doug learner says:

    No Ethics from Apple in Brazil. During 5 years Apple used the trademarke Iphone and knew that it Gradiente was e is the real onwer. Apple never looked for Gradiente to reach an agreement. In 2007, Apple recognized that, in USA, Cisco had registered tha trademark and reached an agreement, but in Brazil, Apple’s behavior the worst possible. In the world of business, Companies have operate in markets according with the local laws and respect its people’s nation. Five years, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 til now, Apple still sells Iphones laughing and paying no money for something that never belonged to the company. Shame !! a Shame in Brazil is what Apple is giving to the nation.

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