HTC One X on AT&T Jelly Bean woes heighten with HTC One reveal


We’ve been documenting the sorry saga of the missing Android Jelly Bean update for the HTC One X on AT&T for some time now. The situation has caused a lot of frustration for many owners of this device and you can hardly blame them. When they purchased the phone on AT&T it was a flagship HTC device but today another HTC flagship, the HTC One, is expected to be revealed. The HTC One will be running Android Jelly Bean, beating the 9-month old HTC One X to the line. This will surely heighten the Jelly Bean woes of HTC One X owners on AT&T.

We know from previous posts on this that many readers have been left annoyed, upset or both about the lack of 4.1 Jelly Bean on their AT&T HTC One X’s. We’ve received many comments on this subject and some of those comments reflect the fact that as they were purchasing a flagship device they expected operating system updates to be rolled out in a timely fashion, when in fact the very opposite seems to have happened. The problem becomes even more evident when considering many other devices received their updates quickly or are at least receiving rollouts now.

The HTC One X on AT&T was released last May and HTC began rolling out the 4.1 Jelly Bean update four months ago. The update has been received across many regions of the world now and for multiple carriers and operators and yet AT&T customers of the phone are still waiting and so far there has still been no official word from AT&T as to why its customers have had to wait so long. In fact this lack of communication about the missing Jelly Bean update from AT&T and HTC is one of the aspects that seems to be most exasperating about the whole saga.

Later today HTC is holding an event where one of the things we expect to see is the official unveiling of the HTC One (previously dubbed the HTC M7). The HTC One is a flagship device aimed as a replacement for the HTC One X, last year’s flagship. However it will launch already running Jelly Bean, possibly even 4.2 Jelly Bean the latest update. This is bound to cause further resentment from HTC One X on AT&T owners when a new flagship phone has an operating system they are still denied on their flagship from last year. We can certainly understand that this is something that many owners will justifiably be pretty irritated about.

We’d like to know what you have to say about this. Do you find it frustrating that a new HTC flagship device is likely to be unveiled today before yours from last year has even received 4.1 Jelly Bean? Is it the lack of the update for your HTC One X on AT&T or the lack of communication from the companies involved the aspect that you find most aggravating? Maybe it’s enough to put you off buying another HTC device or you are thinking of switching to a different carrier? Let us know with your comments.


49 thoughts on “HTC One X on AT&T Jelly Bean woes heighten with HTC One reveal”

  1. Michael Ellis says:

    Yes, It is frustrating we are being lied too as well everyone elce with this phone in other parts of the world have gotten their update. I have to root and flash my phone now if I want to get jelly bean and that should not be the case wtf att!?!?!?!

    1. Darren Hollander says:

      Hey bud your frustration should be with AT&T, not HTC. I don’t think HTC has control over this. Other carriers in Canada and the UK have rolled out updates to their One X’s just fine.

      1. Robert Gerhart says:

        But where was HTC to push back on AT&T? Saying “who the hell is going to buy our new flagship (or anything else for that matter) from us when you’ve shafted our last flagship’s customers so bad? We did our part to update our customers, so cut the crap, ditch your bloatware, and OTA the damn update already! You’re killing us here.”

  2. rowdyc says:

    I have a HTC One X and this if very frustrating. When I owned the 1st Samsung Galaxy, it took months for an update but the next two Samsung Galaxy phones were updated quickly. Too bad I swore off Samsung for the late update and went to HTC. Bad decisions, as I should have gotten the S3. I would not purchase the new HTC phone as this will prob happen again. I just wish I got the Nexus phone and left AT&T.

  3. GRS says:

    No more HTC device for me. If they can’t roll out the update to compete with other companies like Samsung…they should simply leave the race. It’s not about how many new phones you can release in couple of years but it’s about make that one phone the best. First become the best then release new phones every year…changing the model or the name of the phone won’t help when there are users out there who are providing negative feedback about how you will get stuck with older OS when others are already moving forward.

  4. guyshomenet says:

    I was told by the AT&T store rep last September that my new One X would get Android 4.1 by Xmas. With AT&T silent and slow, I suspect I was lied to.

  5. Mike says:

    Its to bad since i like my HTC One x phone but i just ordered the Nexus 4. Done with them and AT&T

    AT&T better watch out since they could end up losing so much business with Google pushing phones and now maybe a store. Wake up AT&T

  6. kw68 says:

    I was a happy AT&T customer prior to buying my “Flagship” model the One X. Its obviously not HTC as the rest of the world has gotten their updates. I will be leaving AT&T and spreading the news to everyone of how horrible they are. I hope this costs them a LOT of business!

  7. AW2992 says:

    The whole situation is ridiculous – but AT&T’s lack of communication is the real thorn in my side. Many customers, myself included, were promised the update when we purchased our phones. One would think that paying a monthly bill would reserve us the right to follow up on promised services, but AT&T’s sole response to 13 pages of customer comments on their forum is to chastize us for being angry and dodge legitimate questions. I’ve been an AT&T customer since 1999, but I will be leaving at the end of my contract, and taking my 3 other family lines with me. You know what they say about one angry customer, and they have thousands now.

  8. Erthwjim says:

    I’ll be looking to root and flash. Was trying to avoid going that route, but I guess it must be time to void the warranty on my phone. At least they finally are giving unlock codes so I can now use a different SIM when I travel abroad.

  9. Darren Hollander says:

    I don’t think this is HTC’s fault, so I don’t blame them. I blame AT&T. The One X has gotten the update on every other carrier world wide it seems. I love my One X and plan on giving HTC another chance with either their new One series or the One X+… Though, has anyone else had the instant battery drain problem on their One X? That has been discouraging…

  10. There is no excuse for a company that is essentially renting publicly owned airwaves to be allowed to behave so badly. We need to end long term bandwidth leases in the US & force these crooks to earn their leases trough innovation & competition. Conectivity has been ruled as “essential to life” in many regions of the world & there is no reason a company that is consistently & consecutively rated “WORST carrier for customer service” to be in existence. I don’t know about you, but I sure as heck don’t feel like the FCC has leased my bandwidth to AT&T in my best interest.

  11. Todd_in_BMore says:

    Still love my One X but would really like the jellybean update so there are fewer differences between my phone and Nexus 7 tablet. This will be my last contract with ATT, will go prepaid from here on in, possibly nexus only devices (if I don’t swap platforms again)
    Now that I’ve seen the new HTC One I’m even happer with the One X, at least it’s not another slab of metal!

  12. SoOverAT&T says:

    Very frustrating, this in additional to their AWFUL customer service is enough to drive me to another carrier. After a decade with their company I now encounter nothing but problems with A&T.

  13. Endo Theline says:

    I have been here before. Att does lie. They cripple there phones charge you for tethering, sell you extra gigs of data but throttle the speed. I am. finished with ATT period.

  14. damon says:

    just my luck I went from Verizon HTC rezound to htc one x finished my contract with Verizon n left to att n now att is acting like them, carriers with lte should get lost they never update their phones so it’s not just att but anyway got my nexus 4 n switching to prepaid its worth the cancellation fee.

  15. Hamburgular says:

    Gave up my Galaxy s2 for the HTC One X instead of the Galaxy S3. My wife got the S3 instead and she received the update a month ago. I will never buy another HTC product again. I blame HTC !!!!

  16. Renato Valenzuela says:

    I bought my HTC One X last year with excitement. now I see the new year HTC One and its nothing but frustration. I’ve been a loyal AT&T customer for nearly 10 years. But this huge oversight just about does it for me. Once you contract is up I’m going prepaid. probably with another HTC or Nokia.

  17. Matt says:

    Looking at HTC’s history of being slow with updates, laden with AT&T’s lack of giving a sh*t about their customers, I’ve decided to run out my contract with them and switch to another provider. I know that it’s mostly AT&Ts fault, and even though this is the first HTC device I’ve purchased and I’m very pleased with the hardware, I’m going to switch to a Samsung handset when I leave. They are typically first (or one of the first) to roll out Android updates. And for some reason the cellular companies work well with them. (I’m guessing we get along with the South Koreans better than the Chinese.)

  18. I have owned the HTC G1, G2, Nexus One, Sensation, and One X. I love HTC devices but I am sick of the wait on the carriers. I also had the Moto Atrix 4G as my work phone – this is what makes me blame AT&T. For the Atrix 4G, that was a flagship device that AT&T allowed Moto to abandon. A few weeks back I bought the Nexus 4 – from now on, I am done with a carrier locked phone and all the bloatware they put on. Has anyone ever launched an AT&T app on purpose? Just give us stock Jelly Bean – we don’t need to AT&T bloatware and the time it takes to make sure it ‘works’. Enough delays already.

    1. I have on accident, as has my 5 year old and everything they put on there wants to add another 9.99 to your bill, so if you’re already paying about $220 a month like I am and I were to utilize their bloatware (which AT&T Navigator is pointless since android already has a FREE navigator that probably works better) then I’d probably be paying $300+ a month, which to me is not worth it since they obviously only care about money and not the customer.

  19. Gordon Blakey says:

    Coincidence that the One X+ and One has Jelly Bean? AT&T wants you to buy a new device with it instead of releasing it to current One X customers. It means more $$$ from a typical greedy company. I’m not a Apple fan but they have it right to avoid carriers when a new IOS comes out.

  20. Angel Vaccarello says:

    It’s not HTC who is at fault. i blame at&t entirely. I shouldn’t have to wait this long for an update for my HTC One X. I plan on switching to Verizon at the end of ky contract.

  21. JustMe says:

    I’m very upset, most of all at at&t. I’ve been a customer for a long time now and I expect, NO! I demand better service across the board. H.T.C. should have stepped in at some point early in the game and helped satisfy the requests of their users/Us.
    Now I’ve gotten the update and my phone is full of bugs, force closes Google Play, anytime my phone rings, I get an error message something about gapps not responding.
    Can’t download, music, books, updates from the store, nothing.. called att and basically got an excuse and and told that h.t.c. is working on a patch…..

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