FIFA 13 Ultimate Team with EA SPORTS Football Club app


Everyone is talking about the new FIFA Ultimate Team, and if you want to be a part of this fantasy you can do so by following a few simple steps. You can own your fantasy team and choose from over 8000 players, the choice is massive because gamers can pick their own style of play and so much more.

You have total control over your Ultimate Team, trade players or sign up new ones, build your very own cool chemistry. Picking the best of the best elite players is the goal to success and all this can be done via your mobile phone now thanks to the brilliant EA SPORTS Football Club aka EASFC.

You can install the EA SPORTS Football Club app via Google Play or from the App Store as well as getting the Web app. Please remember thought that this app requires users to own the FIFA Ultimate Team in FIFA 13 on their Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or PC, this is basically a companion app that is fantastic.

Main features include: Access your EAS FC info in real time and keep up with friends online, Stay connected to the auction house and never miss out on hot items and deals, Sign players and make roster moves in the global FUT Auction House, available at the touch of a button as well as Seize opportunities and turn a quick profit with the FUT Trade Pile.

If you are not an Ultimate Team users then please do not worry, just create a custom team in Ultimate Team mode on your gaming device aka PS3, Xbox or PC, once you have done this just install the EA SPORTS Football Club app by clicking the relevant link above once you have install just enter in your Origin Account information.

Have fun, if you have already done this please let us know what you think of it, share the love with our readers please.


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