AT&T still certifying Jelly Bean for HTC One X


There is often new versions of the Android firmware released by handset manufacturers that take a while to reach all end users, and that is certainly the case for HTC One X owners that are also customers of US carrier AT&T. The wait for the Jelly Bean update goes on as the carrier is still certifying the software.

HTC first released the Jelly Bean OS back in October of last year and since then a number of carriers around the world have rolled out the new operating system to the One X, but customers of AT&T are still waiting. The HTC One X was the company’s flagship smartphone until the recent launch of the One, which is obviously coming with Jelly Bean straight from the box.

An AT&T support thread is growing in size daily with frustrated customers of the carrier wondering when their handset will be getting access to the later version of the Android OS, but no date has been given so far. A Support manager has said the company is still going through the process of certifying the software for the HTC One X, but you have to wonder why the process is taking so long.

Obviously the carrier will be adding its own features and skins to the Jelly Bean operating system, and testing that everything works as it should. While users won’t want the software released with a number of bugs or glitches, but it does seem to be taking ages.

Some users have questioned if it’s a ploy by the company so owners of the HTC One X will simply purchase a later handset, but many will be locked into a contract so this won’t be a possibility. Others have suggested going down the road of rooting their device and installing a custom Jelly Bean ROM, but this will invalidate the handsets warranty and not everyone is comfortable with the process to achieve this.

One of the main criticisms is the fact that no timeframe has been given for the updates arrival, but AT&T’s argument is that they wouldn’t want to announce a date only to see it pushed back. You would have thought though they could give at least a rough estimate for a release date.

Have you given up worrying about the release of the Jelly Bean update on the AT&T HTC One X?


17 thoughts on “AT&T still certifying Jelly Bean for HTC One X”

  1. Danilo says:

    I am convinced that HTC are the best on the market and HTC ONE X is one of the best but the company AT & T is the worst. Much longer I have to wait for the Jelly Bean? More time is impossible! I think I will change providers!

  2. HTC is just as much to blame as AT&T in my eyes. HTC is the company after all, that decided to relinquish control of updates to a company they know has consistently & consecutively been rated the worst company for customer service. Updates are the cornerstone of customer service & only a fool would leave something so big in the hands of a company like AT&T. The have seen this backlash numerous times, yet HTC takes no steps to rectify the issue. Say what you will about Apple, I will, I HATE APPLE, but when it comes to service & updates, they got it right. HTC wants to pretend they are a premium manufacturer, but they are no longer. A premium manufacturer provides first in class service alongside feature rich premium devices. Even Samsung, who had to go through the same process on the S3, which subsequently is provided by MANY, MANY more carriers, has managed to get the Jelly Bean update out & they took it a step further by releasing it region wide via Kies as soon as it had been approved, which saved weeks & even months of waiting for the OTA to finally push out.

    Fo over a decade I was a loyal HTC customer & cheerleader. Since then however, they have abandoned every tablet they have ever made, even the overpriced JetStream, not to mention the Evo, the Vivid & just about every other one time flagship device. Just look how long it took early LTE adopters just to get ICS on the once hyped Thunderbolt device offered by Verizon Wireless. What we have here is just a repeat of the Thunderbolt debacle, or SNHFU, Situation Normal, HTC’s Fracked Up.

    1. Griff says:

      HTC released the update in October…it’s in AT&Ts hands now…the update has no dealings with HTC anymore…at&t is dragging their feet with the update and HTC is not to blame

  3. This has me seriously frustrated. I’d been waiting and waiting, checking every day for my update for months. And then I decided to try unlocking my bootloader and flashing a custom rom. I shouldn’t have even messed around with it without WAY more research, and now I’ve got a phone that’s seriously messed up. I can still call and text but most of my apps and my camera are now non-functional. I’m really angry.

    AT&T will be losing me as a customer. I brought my own One X to the party, so I don’t have a contract with them. If they had just provided the software that everyone else has had for months, they could still have my money. What jerks!

  4. Seb says:

    My wife’s Infuse 4G is still on Froyo. We haven’t used other carriers so I don’t know how AT&T compares, but Gingerbread was released in December 2010.

  5. OrdinaryAmerican says:

    I can’t hardly wait for the Google/Motorola X phone to become available. I’ll keep my contract with AT&T, but with an unlocked phone, I won’t have to wait forever for the updates.

  6. James says:

    The answer is quite obvious, At&t wants everyone to buy new phones. Since the One has come out which from what I have heard surpasses the One X, they will probably never release the update.

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