Samsung’s Android takeover supposedly concerning Google


In the last year or so it seems that Samsung is taking over the Android smartphone world with the release of a number of flagship handsets that have grown in popularity each year. Now there are reports that are claiming Google is getting concerned by the apparent Android takeover of Samsung.

Sales of the last year’s Samsung Galaxy S3 and other handsets in the S range have gone through the roof and the anticipation for the release of the Galaxy S4 is at an all time high for an Android smartphone, and according to the Wall Street Journal Google is worried how Samsung is beginning to overshadow the rest of the Android market.

Samsung enjoyed 39.6 percent of the smartphone market around the world last year, with a majority of these devices running Android with other manufacturers such as HTC seeing sales decline recently.

Google is said to be concerned that if Samsung gets too big it may start demanding more online advertising revenue from what the company is making for the search engine giant. If down the line Google doesn’t provide Samsung with a reasonable offer the fear is that Samsung could provide their own operating system, whether it’s their own version of Android in a similar way to the Amazon Kindle tablets, or focus on the Tizen OS.

The Android platform makes Google money by using services such as Google Play, and YouTube but if Samsung took the same route as Amazon has with Android, revenue from these services would drop.

Google’s acquisition of Motorola may be the company’s way of covering its bases for this happening, and the two companies are reportedly working on a handset that will be a worthy alternative to anything that Samsung has to offer.

Surely though Google will want to keep Samsung on board as the company is selling a lot of handsets, which in turn generates a healthy income for Google.

Do you think Google needs to worry about the market share of Samsung?

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