Samsung Galaxy S4 hyper-popular features in screenshots: Updated


It’s already been a very busy week for leaks and rumors about the forthcoming flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S4 (S IV). With the big unveiling due to take place on March 14 the excitement and hype is growing and this will undoubtedly be one of the biggest phone launches of the year. Today we have some more snippets of news for you as some Samsung Galaxy S4 snapshots show two new extremely interesting new features, Smart Scroll and Smart Pause.

We first heard of the possibility of these new features, which should prove to be hyper-popular, some time ago but the screenshots that have now emerged seem to confirm them. We think plenty of potential customers of the Galaxy S4 will be intrigued and find these ideas innovative and groundbreaking and that the Smart Scroll and Smart Pause features will make the phone even more appealing.

The new features involve eye-tracking technology that can detect the users head moving up and down. One screenshot shows features of the Smart Screen including Smart Scroll, Smart Stay, Smart Pause and Smart Rotation. Smart Rotation is screen orientation that adjusts to the angle of sight while Smart Stay detects if your face is still watching the screen and so disables timeout.

The new Smart Scroll will enable the user to scroll Internet web pages, the body of email messages and more by simply detecting that you are looking at the screen and users can also control the speed and acceleration of the scrolling. Smart Pause meanwhile will detect if you move your head away from the screen while viewing videos and suitably pause any video that is playing. We can’t wait to see these features in action and see how intuitive they are.

The screenshots (see above or to see them in full check out the SamMobile source link below) also seem to confirm the full HD 1080p display, which we mentioned among leaked specs several days ago and although the user interface has similarities with the Galaxy S3 we will also see the appearance of Samsung’s Nature UX 2.0. The new Smart Scroll and Smart Pause features undoubtedly add even more to the expected offerings of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and it won’t be too much longer now until we all get all the official details. In the meantime you may be interested in our recent post about a big week of leaks for the S4.

We’d like to ask your thoughts on the upcoming Galaxy S4 and especially the Smart Scroll and Smart Pause features. Do you think you could easily get used to using these new features and think Samsung has really come up with the goods? Are you likely to make the Galaxy S4 your next smartphone purchase? Let us know with your comments.

UPDATE: We have since learned from the source below that these screenshots that were supposedly from the Galaxy S4 were in fact from the Galaxy S3. However the same features are coming to the Samsung Galaxy S4 too.

Source: SamMobile

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