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A very unique price calculator to show exactly where savings can be made on UK’s telecom bills – Direct Save Telecom has targeted the customers of the big 4 providers by becoming the first telecom provider in the UK to install a price calculator on its website.

Since its launch in January 2013 over 1000 new customers have signed-up to Direct Save thanks to its price calculator — all saving themselves hundreds of pounds in the process.

All customers of the big 4 need to do, namely BT, Sky, TalkTalk or Virgin, is simply visit Direct Save’s website and put in their current telecom payment plan and the average amount of calls they make a week. The savings calculator will then instantly tell them how much money they could save by switching to the fastest growing telco in Britain.

Direct Save Telecom has purposely targeted the big 4’s customers as they represent approximately 90% of the UK’s fixed line and broadband market. This is also the market where the most savings can be made.

The latest stats provided by the money conscious provider show that 82% of new customers save at least £150 in the first year, while some are saving as much as £464.

Nicole Anderson, from Edinburgh, was one of the first to use the price calculator and as a result now saves over £200 a year.

“I read about the price calculator online so I looked it up and put my details in. I was spending over £32 a month with TalkTalk and had been meaning to switch for a while, as I was sure I could get a better deal. Amazingly, the calculator told me I could save more than 50% on my monthly bills, which equates to more than £200 a year. I think everybody is naturally resistant to change but when you see exactly how much you could save it really does make you think.”

Direct Save Telecom CEO, Stavros Tsolakis, explains: “We launched the price calculator as the big 4 have dominated the UK telecoms market for far too long, and more needs to be done to show the huge savings that can be made if people are open to change.

Tsolakis adds: “We are delighted that so many people are using the calculator, for the consumer I like that it can tell you not only who is the cheapest provider but also which is the best free call plan based on your calling profile.”

You can find Direct Save Telecom’s price calculator at http://www.directsavetelecom.co.uk/savings-calculator.html

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