Galaxy S3 default keyboard bug, SwiftKey & iKnowU issue


There are many applications available that allow users to change some of the main features of the smartphones that we use, but an annoying Galaxy S3 default keyboard bug is affecting many users with the issue hitting both the SwiftKey and iKnowU apps.

I have recently been trying out both the SwiftKey and iKnowU applications purchasing the full versions of both apps, and after using them for a while made the iKnowU app my keyboard of choice, but soon came across an annoying issue.

Late at night when I hit the sack I have always switched my handset off just in case any late night calls or text messages wake the household up, but on rebooting the handset in the morning I soon discovered the default keyboard had changed back to the Samsung one.

This has obviously happened a number of times and led me to do some digging to discover numerous threads about the issue on the Internet, with most users complaining about the problem while using SwiftKey but it does affect iknowU as well.

It seems the problem is more down to an issue with the Android Jelly Bean software though as many users are saying the problem first began after updating the handset. My own Galaxy S3 is currently running Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, and although there have been a couple of updates recently the version of the OS has stayed the same.

OK it does only take a few seconds to change the default keyboard but considering the fact you have paid out money for an application, you would want it to continue working the way you want it too. Hopefully a fix won’t be too long away as both applications are a great step up from the standard keyboard, and picking a better one between the two is simply a matter of taste.

Have you had issues with the default keyboard keep changing on your smartphone?


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  1. shadowyman says:

    I can also confirm this problem but it seems to be affecting only some people as some s3 users commented how good the app was working for them on Google Play. It’s been like this for me for months now and I don’t think this will ever be resolved. I simply gave up on swift.

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