Google Now availability may expand including iOS


When Apple launched the iPhone 4S it came with the Siri voice assistant feature, and although Android already had a number of applications that did similar things they wasn’t as good. We then got Google Now for Android and its availability is set to expand and could even include iOS.

A video was put up onto YouTube that showed Google Now for the iPhone and iPad in an application that could soon be available on the App Store, but the video was quickly pulled but luckily the guys over at Engadget have managed to get hold of the video that can be seen below.

Obviously no application has been made official by Google, and the feature is an advanced search option found on Jelly Bean that sort of acts like a personal assistant. The application can provide personal search results based on users daily actions, and there is talk the feature will eventually be coming to Google Chrome users at some point.

Even though it has Android it makes sense for Google to launch mobile applications onto other platforms, and the company already has a number of apps available for iOS users. The video seems to have the same voice as the original version of Google Now, but it has to be remembered until there is an official announcement on the app it good just be a clever fake.

Would you like to see a Google Now app for iOS?

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