Telstra starts Sony Xperia Z pre-orders ahead of release


There are already a number of markets that have already got access to the stunning looking Sony Xperia Z, but countries such as Australia have been left wondering when the handset will become available. Now though Telstra has started pre-orders for the Sony Xperia Z ahead of its release.

Sony decided to leave out the country as part of the initial global rollout of the handset, but now pre-orders for the handset on Australian carrier Telstra have gone live with some freebies thrown in as well.

For users that place an order for the handset before March 26th they will also receive a free Sony wireless NFC speaker, and the handset is also being offered in three colour options which are black, white, and an online exclusive of Purple.

The device is available to order with a number of monthly contracts without any upfront fee for the device itself that start at $63 per month that includes unlimited texts and 1GB of data, while other options range from $80 through to $130 each month.

At the time of writing rival carriers in the country have yet to show their hands with regards to the Sony Xperia Z, but it shouldn’t be too much longer before we find out including information about off contract pricing.

Will you be pre-ordering the Sony Xperia Z on Telstra?


One thought on “Telstra starts Sony Xperia Z pre-orders ahead of release”

  1. Veni says:

    Ahh completely incorrect, Vodafone have actually already released this phone…the same day this article was writen, im going with the Telstra offer though !!!

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