Windows Phone 7.8 update resumes, Live Tile fix in tow


When Microsoft revealed the new Windows Phone 8 operating system the company also promised that it would release a new update for its loyal Windows Phone 7.5 users, but there have been issues with this new firmware, and now we can tell you that the Windows Phone 7.8 update has resumed although for the time being it seems mainly in Europe with a fix for the Live Tile bug in tow.

The Windows Phone 7.8 update hasn’t really got off to a good start since its release as almost straight away there were reports of battery issues and then users complained that the Live Tiles got stuck. This led to Microsoft to temporarily halt the update but now it seems all is well with owners reporting that they have begun receiving the new firmware.

Numerous users from mainly the European region have been stating their handsets have been receiving the update with the build number of 8860, while there is currently no changelog for the update and the fix for the Live Tiles is yet to be confirmed, the previous version of the update had the 8858 build number.

Users have reported that during the Zune Desktop installation process the description of the software points to “quality improvements”, so it seems a number of issues are being addressed with this latest software release.

Hopefully it won’t be too long for the availability of the software rolls out across the world, and this time no problems will be encountered.

Have you received this latest Windows Phone 7.8 update yet?

Source: Wpcentral.


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