Samsung May Ditch the Stylus for Galaxy Note 3


Rumors abound that Samsung may not include a stylus when the next Galaxy Note “phablet” (phone-tablet hybrid) is released. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 might feature technology that eliminates the need for a stylus. And manufacturers hope this new model will build upon the success of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, becoming one of the best cell phones of 2013.

Some, on the other hand, believe that Samsung will choose to include the stylus even if people do not need it: Android Geeks reported that the Galaxy Note 3 will still come with a stylus, but that it might not be necessary to use the stylus for most tasks.

The inclusion of a stylus in the first place was controversial: The tool recalls images of stone-age devices like Palm Pilots or credit-card verification machines. But Samsung made the gamble anyway, and it paid off: According to CNET, Samsung shipped 3 million units of the Galaxy Note 2 in the first 30 days after its release, and 5 million in the first two months. T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T and Sprint all carry the model.

AirView—Without the Stylus

So why, then, would Samsung veer off a proven track?

It appears they might have something better.

Though, as Autoomobile’s Cecelia Dahl notes, Sony used similar technology in its Xperia Sola; Samsung may be using technology that allows users to use their fingers to hover over the screen when writing, making selections and otherwise operating the phone.

Of course, this hovering feature is nothing new for the Galaxy Note line of phones. It’s the possibility that it will be available sans-stylus that’s exciting.

AirView, experts say, was one of the reasons for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2’s surprising success. The innovative interface helped the Galaxy Note 2 become one of the most popular phones of 2012. Here’s how it works, essentially: An indicator shows up on the screen whenever a user places the stylus anywhere near the screen. From that point, users can operate the Galaxy Note 2 without even touching it. Email, calendar and most other basic apps work with the AirView interface.

Questions Still Unanswered

So how would something like AirView work without a stylus? Samsung has not released any sort of demonstration of the technology. Though consumers are familiar with Sony’s method, they are also eager to see how Samsung adapts it to the Galaxy Note 3. They have questions: Will Samsung employ multi-touch technology that would enable users to wear gloves while operating their device, as Dahl hopes? Will fingertips be accurate enough to operate the phablet without a great deal of frustration?

Samsung will answer these questions and more when it releases the device later this year.

Phones Review Say’s – We do have to point out that the new Samsung Galaxy S4 features AirView, this means users can scroll content by waving their hands on the screen without touching the screen at all, you can also answer calls by waving your hand in front. It does seem pointless having a stylus for the new upcoming Galaxy Note 3.


13 thoughts on “Samsung May Ditch the Stylus for Galaxy Note 3”

  1. GeophSmith says:

    I would wonder where you got your sources, but as MWC gets closer so many false allegations are brought up. If I remember hearing correctly, the whole point and drive behind the Note line is to be based around the Digitizer pen. And they already have a Note 2 with no pen. I believe it is called the S3. In all seriousness, they are near identical One slightly larger, other than that the specs are pretty darn identical.

    1. Ruben M. says:

      Now its called the s4 😛 . But in all seriousness I would love for the next note to have the stylus. Its what separates it from the others, in my opinion. I was waiting to see what the s4 would offer and now I’m rethinking about getting it.

  2. samsung's an ass kicker says:

    i want the Samsung to provide optional stylus with note 3 and release it just at the end of this year. a perfect Christmas gift wouldn’t it be? this is the best sleek phone that i want now.

  3. It does raise questions about the stylus, is there really any point in having one on the Galaxy Note 3 seeing as AirView can allow the users to be the stylus without having to touch the screen?

    1. Note Lover says:

      The S-Pen is needed for more precise functions so I would imagine Samsung would keep it, since that is what the Note series is known for.

    2. Sostina says:

      you cant do handwriting with your finger?
      -Note taking
      -Screen capture
      -Quick commands
      -Cutting web snippets and saving them as images

      You definitely cant do the above without the stylus

  4. phred says:

    Good plan. The stylus with the GN1 is so bad that I snapped it in half. It is so sensitive to the weather if is unusable. Try using it when it is raining hard outside.

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