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We live in a fast paced world, and that means that it can often be difficult to try and get all of the necessary co-workers into the same room at one time. Sales people are often on the road, managers are often swamped with work, and even clients can be countries away. The high cost of fuel and the tight economy have led a great deal of companies to try and find alternative methods of conducting business without having to sacrifice the communication or type of service that they provide.

Video Conferencing
Video conferencing has become the new way to conduct business meetings. You no longer have to be in the same room with all of your co-workers or clients in order to be able to converse or present your business modules. Video conferencing allows individuals to communicate via video chat with multiple parties through their computer or Smartphone.

There is a downside to video conferencing. There is a great deal of options available when it comes to the type of software that an individual or company may choose to use. Some of these pieces of software are extremely cost efficient for they are free to download and will get the basic job done. Other pieces come at a steeper price, but do offer a higher quality video or audio. It is important to make sure to select quality video conferencing software for it does not do any good to try and have a video conference if your picture keeps cutting out or no one is able to hear you.

Polycom’s RealPresence Video Conference App
Polycom has really set the bar rather high with their RealPresence Video Conference app. They understand the importance of a quality picture with matching quality sound, and that is why they offer and HD video feed paired with the crystal clear audio system that comes with their app. You no longer have to stress on when and if you will be cut-off mid-meeting. Simply fire up the app and get started.

The app was available on the iPad and Android devices, but it was not until recently that it was available for the iPhone 4S. The app is not only just available for the iPhone, but it has also made some improvements along the way. You have always been able to share certain slides or presentations with the RealPresence app, but it was not until this latest installation that you are about the share PDF files. You can seamlessly switch between the video feed of your coworkers and the presentation files in order to be able to provide visual aids along with your delivery.

You do not have to worry about your connectivity with the RealPresence video conference app for it is available on several platforms, and it will work not matter what you internet supplier. Wi-FI, 3G, or 4G is not a problem for this app. You can also download it to your workstation computer or laptop. The idea behind the RealPresence app was to create a system that would allow the modern day businessperson to be able to conduct their business in a way that was as easy and stress-free as possible.

Polycom’s RealPresence video conference app is available for download through either Google Play or the Apple app store. You do not have to simply trust this article you can read all of the positive reviews before choosing to download the app. This has been a much anticipated release and we are most likely only going to see more of this RealPresence app in the future.

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