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The initial excitement from the event on Thursday that officially introduced the Samsung Galaxy S4 is now starting to fade and we’ve been endeavoring to bring you as much news as possible about this extremely impressive Samsung device. Now we’ve found a way to show readers who don’t want pages of information to read, a pure and simple summary of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

There’s a huge amount of interest in the Galaxy S4, due for a release across various regions of the world in April and Samsung has come up with a great way of showing most of the things you need to know about the smartphone in a clever infographic. At Phones Review we always enjoy a good infographic as it provides information in an easy-to-digest pictorial form and this Galaxy S4 infographic is a fine example of that.

In a very compact form the Samsung Galaxy S4 Infographic (see above) shows display specs, dimensions and weight of the phone, the two types of processor being used, RAM, battery, cellular, camera and operating system details, finally showing the color options of Black Mist or White Frost.

This is an informative way of showing a lot of information in a compact form but if you want to read more in-depth news about the Galaxy S4 then head here where you’ll be able to check out our other Samsung Galaxy S4 posts, both prior to being made official and since.

We’d like to know what you think of the infographic and indeed the Samsung Galaxy S4. This looks to be one of the biggest smartphones of the year. Will you be purchasing the Galaxy S4?

Source: Samsung Tomorrow


3 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S4 pure & simple summary”

  1. ronf57 says:

    Jimmy. Drew would you really want a plan that is $60-$80higher eachmonth to cover the cost of the device replacement each year?

    I wish carriers were held to “Truth in Lending” Laws in the USA and you could see the carrier “subsidized ” price YOU pay to not buy your phone outrightin yourmonthly billbroken out.

    i.e. We pay $220 per month for 2 smartphones, unlimited data and texts on each and 2100 minutes shared.

    We are paying that amount whether we have 2 subsidized phones with decreasing payoff to endthe plan or if we have2 phones totally paid off. Even an idiot can see the Carrier (verizon) is pocketing some portion of our monthly bill to pay for the “subsidized” phone and is reaping great rewards when we are technically “out of contract” waiting to get the next great phone.

    My understanding is “truth in lending” should disclose the amounts and when we go “out of contract” the monthly bill should decrease by the “subsidized” amount. as it really is buying the device over time.

    When my car is paid off, i don’t keep making monthly payments on it why do carriers get to keep collecting payment when we go “out of contract”?

  2. Jimmy Drew says:

    True enough, and you are correct. Once the phone is paid off your monthly fee should go down. That is ridiculous. We are doing the phone companies a favor by buying phones this way. How about we forget the subsidized phone altogether and get a lower Monthly fee from the carrier and fiancé the phone with the supplier such as Best Buy or any other retailer like we do TV’s now? We don’t buy our TV’s from the cable company why are we buying our phone from the Verizon’s of the world. I” bet the price of phones and the cost of service would both drop.

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