HTC One Verizon release disappointment confirmed


Since the company announced the HTC One there has been many smartphone fans excited about the eventual arrival of the stylish new handset, but there is now some HTC One Verizon release disappointment that has been confirmed by the manufacturer.

There has been a lot of speculation in the last few days about the HTC One being made available at some point on the Verizon Wireless network, with a supposedly leaked document hinting the device was coming soon and replacing the HTC Droid DNA.

Now though this idea has been shot down in flames by the company itself when responding to a question on its own official Twitter account. A user asked about the possibility of a Big Red variant of the handset, but HTC replied the handset won’t be available on the network.

Instead they replied “have you seen the awesome Droid DNA?” which will come as a major disappointment to many customers of the network. There has been talk of a successor to the HTC Droid DNA recently though, and while there was some thought that it could be the HTC One, it is now more likely to be the HTC DLXPLUS.

Considering that the HTC One is going to be the only flagship handset from the company this year, both Verizon and HTC will be missing out on a number of potential customers by not releasing the device on the network.

Were you looking to get the HTC One from Verizon?

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12 thoughts on “HTC One Verizon release disappointment confirmed”

  1. Fik11 says:

    Way to go Verizon! Yet again you let an amazing phone slip away. Kudos! This is ONE of many reasons that I am tired of Verizon. (See what I did there) Maybe AT&T is in my future? I’m sure Verizon will bring out another “DROID”, but it will not be able to keep up with the original. So Verizon go ahead and take a terrific phone, replace the htc logo with your own, give it a rediculous name such as the DROID whatever, and presto! You have yet another failure.

  2. Craig Owen says:

    I just ported my number from Verizon to google voice and I’m using my work blackberry until the One is available. Tired of Verizon.

  3. Smart move Verizon. They are banking on Blackberry. I have the Z10 and its fantastic! Although I admit the HTC One is gorgeous its still using Android iOS. Once you’ve used BB10 its hard to go back to a button. Honestly, I’m swiping all my devices now.

      1. gjmoo7 says:

        Good luck to all who switches to AT&T. Their service sucks and those who switch will regret it big time. What should matter is the service and not the phone. So what if the HTC One does not make it to Verizon. There are plenty of other phones that will work just fine. All this nonsense talk about switching carriers just because of a phone. WOW!!!! Totally unbelievable.

  4. iwishhtcwasabettercompany says:

    If verizon gets a new htc phone in april then i’ll be happy. if not, then i guess i’ll be buying my first samsung phone.

  5. ugxvibe says:

    Yes, I was going to get it. My upgrade is in 6 days and my contract ends in 2 months. Looks like I’m heading to AT&T in 2 months.. Going on 8 years with Verizon and their coverage is great but this decision along with the loss of my unlimited data if I upgrade gives me absolutely no reason to stay.

  6. Don Goncalves says:

    I’m on Verizon… Was waiting on the Nexus 4. Then, no joy there. Waiting on the HTC One. Again no joy. Maybe now it’s just “No Verizon.”

  7. flamingoKid says:

    Son of a!! I was really hoping to see the one for Verizon. I’m definitely switching to At&T at the end if this year when my contract is up.

  8. Drew says:

    Don’t like that I cant choose between a manufactures flagship line. Was really looking forward to purchasing the HTC One. I do not want a Verizon branded variant, I would like the Flagship model please. Thumbs down Verizon if you pass on this. Bring us the HTC One and please carry all of the relevant Manufacturer flagship models with a competitive release date. At&t is decent in my market so please don’t force me to jump after 12+ years.

  9. quadbravo80 says:

    The miss on the HTC 1 by Verizon is just imbecilic. If Verizon customers are willing to pay a premium for a Network, why not give them the phone to match. Verizon, clearly, you screwed up. Right now masses of Verizon Users are combing over web sites to see how coverage compares by others to get an HTC One. We pay a premium at Verizon so busting a contract is no big deal. DNA is has 16GB internal. Wow. Thanks. Who’s running the store here? No Nexus 4. Thanks again. I wish some other cell company would figure this out. Expand the network and offer high end phones. How tough is this?

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