Negative consequences with social media on your phone


Many of us have used Twitter or Facebook from our phones at least once, in fact 47% now use social media on our phones every day. We are addicted to it and its many benefits: staying in touch with friends and family, or staying abreast of the latest news or memes that are popular in your social circles.

It also allows us to stay in touch with people from far and wide that we wouldn’t normally have much contact with, whilst sharing our favourite photos, articles, and videos with friends and strangers from across the world.

However, despite the numerous positives that we so frequently hear about from the sites’ marketing teams and from our evangelical friends (yes, we all have them!), we don’t often think about the negative consequences of such excessive use. The detrimental effects of such unending social connectivity have many worrying and unexpected results, consequently the phone specialists liGo Electronics have created the infographic below to shed some light on the issue.

By gathering research from over 20 independent studies, liGo have attempted to reveal these issues in a digestible format revealing some enlightening truths such as the fact that Social Networking on your phone slows your reaction speed whilst driving by more than 35% (twice as much as Cannabis or Alcohol).

The media frequently neglects such stories and tend to focus almost exclusively on privacy concerns or the value of company stock, yet the sociological consequences of continual social media use on your mobile is something that perhaps needs a little more attention…

Is Social Media Bad for your Phone? - LiGo Cordless Phones

Is Social Media Bad for your Phone? [Infographic] — By the team at liGo

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