Droid RAZR & RAZR MAXX 4.1.2 update problems emerge


Many owners of smartphones look forward to receiving new firmware updates on their devices that often bring some great new features and performance enhancements, but we have some news regarding the Motorola Droid RAZR and RAZR MAXX Android 4.1.2 update after some problems emerge.

It seems that some owners of the smartphones are wishing they didn’t decide to download and upgrade their handsets to the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean operating system, as Phone Arena are reporting that a growing number of users are reporting issues with the new firmware.

One owner has stated that his handset is a nightmare to own following the update, as when making a call if another one comes in instead of being able to put one on hold both calls are dropped. Other issues include widgets not updating or certain applications not working at all.

The problems are being reported by an owner of the Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX and the person is stating that the only thing not affected by the new firmware is the battery life on the device. The smartphone owner has been told by a Verizon representative that there has been many owners reporting of issues for both handsets, and the issues have been given to Motorola.

It is hoped the two companies’ can quickly provide another update to address the problems that owners have been experiencing, but in the meantime those affected have to put up with these annoying bugs.

Have you had any issues since downloading the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update?


22 thoughts on “Droid RAZR & RAZR MAXX 4.1.2 update problems emerge”

  1. floridasboy says:

    I got the razr maxx and seriously regret hitting the update button!!!!! The freaking idiots who came up with this down-date need to be fired and banned from working with or even being near technology! They changed everything that worked fine and left the hang ups alone… apps still freeze and lag, but alot of the options for personalizing my phone are gone… this was 4 steps backwards in the cell phone world, thinking of charging up the old LG and turning off this brick. Thanks to motorola for employee the high school dropouts that coded 4.1.2 trash, at least they’re not burglarizing my house or car.

  2. Barry says:

    No exit button in the browser. No homepage button either. What is this, IE3? Now I have to figure out how to uninstall. Thanks for nothing.

  3. boece says:

    I am not that intense of an app user but thus far it seems great. Really digging the autocorrect. Don’t seem to see as many crashes (FB was particularly bad) and the UI doesn’t seem to get stuck as much. Time will tell but so far so good.

  4. My wife an I updated to 4.1.2 from 4.0.4 and we both agree it was the biggest mistake we’ve made regarding this device! We both have experieced a number of issues from lower volumes during calls, horrible 4G data connectivity and speeds, and even sporatic reboots and app crashes.
    We would love to have the options to go back to the “near perfect” 4.0.4, but we’re not about to get into ROOTing our devices.

    Motorola and Google need to strongly consider a revision to fix these blatant errors. & on a personal preference note.. please bring back the original narrow roboto font for the clock on the unlock screen.. most of the “flattened” graphics I can deal with, but as a graphics designer, the “wide” font with JB is a visual nightmare.

  5. T says:

    Me And About 6 Other People I Know Have Had Nothing But Problems With The Update. As You See Every Word I Type Starts With A Capital Letter With No Way Of Making It Stop. Also I Can’t Type On Some Websites Like Google, Other Login Type Webpages, Etc. Among A Dozen Other Annoying Problems.

  6. SBurrows says:

    BEWARE Users of Motorola Razr Maxx…the Jelly Bean update is a HUGE problem. I use my calendar for business management while away from my office. The ability to sync and view my Calendar’s prior months appointments, schedule, etc has been removed. I was on the phone with Tech Support for Verizon and Motorola and they both confirm it is a JB update issue. The feature of viewing/sync calendars is no longer available from my Razr Maxx since the update!! If I put a new appointment in it will sync to the Google calendar and viewable from my PC…BUT…I can not see my older appointments from my phone any longer! I was told I will have to go to a PC to see last months and prior data! This is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE and needs FIXING ASAP!

  7. Zak says:

    Well, I’m glad I waited. My friend has the Droid Razr, I have the Razr Maxx. From the moment he upgraded, he had the following: His Calendar was completely wiped and removed, His Notes widgets were gone with all content, much of his Contacts are gone, his QuickOffice Pro and other apps he downloaded are gone, including their content, the new weather widget is not nearly as good as the old one, and his connectivity is touchy at best. He left for Java last night on a trip, and now he plans to buy an international phone there because he rely on his. As for me, I find it odd, that last week, my phone (with no update), is now acting strange. Swype turns off, I type words and entirely unrelated apps open, and my 4G is like 1G. I’m convinced they do this to make us upgrade. Well, I’ve learned from past experience, always wait to see what the update does to others. Being a Moto Forum member and a member of the Upgrades Testing Group, I will tell you, I wouldn’t hold my breath for Moto to come out with any fixes soon.

  8. Totally disenchanted says:

    If my Company released an application half as bad as this, we’d be history in a heartbeat. This is irresponsibility at its finest … shame on you Google-Motorola and Verizon … certainly someone in one of these incestuous organizations should have employed even reasonable QA testing! And consumers were upset about an iPhone antenna issue … that was a cakewalk by comparison … will I invest in another Android-Motorola product … burn me once, shame on you … burn me twice, shame on me! And Verizon, where were you in safeguarding your consumers??? This entire release is unacceptable!

  9. Jelly bean on the razr and razr maxx is a very good update not as good as an update to 4.2 would be if they every push that for the razrs but me my wife and a couple of friends all have the update and no big problems, my problems are when the battery gets low the screen touch is really screwed up. Ill touch bottom of screen and something from the top will be selected. My wife has a maxx and a lot of times her phone backlight will not turn off automatically it will just go dim and stay that way unless she hits the power/lock button. But all of these problems are livable the other problems i see of people loosing apps and all this other stuff thats just a very slim minority just factory reset or root your phone if your that unhappy with an improved update.

  10. theburgii says:

    I use the Droid Razr and since the update two major concerns:

    1. The native clock has had features removed from the Alarms. I can no longer use MP3s to wake up to…i have to use one of the annoying built in buzzers. Why in the world would they remove that?
    2. More importantly, my SMS messages get hung up all the time. I get the little green arrow that indicates it is sending. sometimes it never sends, and sometimes it sends but the little green arrow stays there so I don’t know if my texts are going through or not making sequential text conversations impossible. I’ve had this phone and this service since early last year and it has only started doing this consistently since the update.

    Not happy!

  11. fulbright says:

    on the internet.. Swype doesn’t work correctly. it won’t automatically space and it is checked in the option box. it won’t capitalize on it’s own either. lots of problems. my home screen also shuts down and i have to restart my phone to see my home screen again.

  12. Wyatt Irwin says:

    the old version was perfect. Everything worked wonderfully. Now I can’t play music half the time, it never says I sent any texts, they’re all “sending” and it will never show the last message in the conversation under the contact name in the main screen of messaging. Some apps won’t run anymore either. Motorola needs to fix it now

  13. Duncan says:

    My handset (Motorola Razr Maxx) screen freezes if I have not used it for half an hour or so, this means I have to switch off/on to resolve issue.

    Also when I have wifi switched on I have intermittent connection issues and the handset in general feels like its hotter than normal, previously it felt fine however much I used it. Is it now using more power as my battery life doesnt seem to last as much as it used to.

  14. estrom says:

    New update sucks many things wrong with it. From texting to my downloads . Lost all my downloaded manuals. Which took weeks just to find them online. One new down load and zap all gone. Thanks a lot Motorola. :

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