Samsung Galaxy S4 details still unknown, Apple does better


We have all been carried away on the tide of expectation and eventual reveal for the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. When it was unveiled we were not disappointed and the phone has been generally excellently received but after waiting patiently for all the details we were looking for we are still left without some important information. We thought we’d take a look at what we still want to know about the Galaxy S4 and bearing this in mind we’d say that Apple still manages its major device launches better.

This is not meant to turn into an Apple vs. Samsung or iOS vs. Android debate as we know that many readers are fiercely loyal to their preferred devices or platforms, but one thing we can’t get away from is how Apple absolutely kills its device launches, from trickling out minor details at first to dealing out information about the new device next and then building up to the big finale, always somehow leaving us wanting even more.

One of the big criticisms of Samsung Galaxy S phone launches over the last year or so was how those in the US often felt rather left out as the phone was released in other regions first, not reaching them until some time later. This year Samsung attempted to make US customers feel more part of the fold by holding an event in New York but despite an all-singing, all-dancing affair, parts of which were mind-numbingly dull, we were still left at the end with too many questions. Samsung may have introduced the new Galaxy S phone in the US for the first time but unfortunately that didn’t make any difference in filling in the gaps.

For instance there’s the question involving concrete release dates for the Galaxy S4. Although we were told the phone would first release in late April, which turned out to be April 25 for the UK, there were no other confirmed dates for releases in different regions. We may have found out that India and Italy would see a launch in early May and that the US was more likely to see it hit shelves ‘sometime’ in May or June but it was all very vague. Contrast this to Apple iPhone events where Apple also gives some confirmed release dates for different regions and you’ll see what we mean when we say Apple does it better.

Another thing we’d still like is some official price news from Samsung for the Galaxy S4, which again was not forthcoming at the event. Although some details have trickled out on pricing for the UK and a possible US price, we’d still like to see the price of the device officially declared at the announcement event so that customers know exactly what they will be facing. Again this is something that Apple does better, giving official price details at the time of the unveiling.

One more thing regards storage options and although we were officially informed at the Samsung Unpacked event for the Galaxy S4 that it would have 16, 32 and 64GB options, we weren’t told where those options might be available. The same storage options were available for the Galaxy S3 but not all models were available in all regions and on all carriers and that’s something that many customers would like to know in advance when planning their purchase. Again this is information that Apple is transparent about from the beginning.

We think the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a great smartphone that will be difficult to match but if only Samsung would learn some lessons from Apple on how to launch a major new device we’d be happier still. Surely some factors such as official release dates and pricing should automatically be part of such an event.?

We’d like to know what readers think about this though. Would you like to have seen these basic questions answered at the event that introduced the Galaxy S4? Maybe you disagree and got something out of Samsung’s S4 event that we didn’t? (Please don’t say the dancing!) Let us know with your comments.

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29 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S4 details still unknown, Apple does better”

  1. smartphone lover says:

    This must be an article written by an apple fan boy who regrets buying that iphone 5 and its 2011 tech so biased samsung and now htc are so far in advanced

    1. Beast from the East says:

      I’m an iPhone user and I felt this way about the article as well. I’m looking forward to changing up a bit with the S4.

    2. dialogueanalog says:

      how did you get that message from this article. he is merely comparing samsungs vague launch to an apple’s launch which is more factual. tell me where there is any bias?

  2. bman says:

    really, all you can talk about is apple in a positive sense?? go outside, look around, they are not intivating, they are not leading in performance. Samsungs launch was awesome, for a phone release. did you even watch it??

    1. Stephan Playfair says:

      No he has a point. And i have never owned an apple product. For people like me who don’t have a wad of cash just sitting silly in my pocket, we have to plan ahead. Giving us price information, release dates, and other valuable information allows people like me to go to the bank, beg and plead to the inanimate, soulless, entity that is my account to somehow produce more money. In all fairness, apple does handle that better and samsung should learn from them.

      1. geoff says:

        Samsung didnt forget to provide those details. They unveiled it in march and are going to try and start sales towards the ending of april. But releasing around the world is a big thing. Also remember they are doing their best to provide it throuh several networks. So its not as easy as you think. Also an unveil diesnt mean that have to do it like apple and provide those dates. Just keep an eye on the samaung website. It will let you know soon enough. Also if your too poor that you need to plan, dont worry. Start doing your thing. Cause samsung will start sales within the next two months. And you dont have to be the first person to buy one.
        Im hating all the lame articles people are writing related to galaxy s4. Just pure crap. Its so petty.

        1. dialogueanalog says:

          you talk about samsung as if they are the only company to schedule a world wide release. lots of companies do it in various different makets. he is drawing comparison to apple because they are the two biggest competitors. one does better than the other in terms of providing informaiton to future customers. there is no hating on samsung.

          but if you want some facts…which he mentioned btw:

          apple provide their phones on various networks across many countries.

          why introduce a product and not tell people how much its going to cost. theres price elasticity here and if people dont know how much its going to cost they will look elsewhere. samsung is definitely missing a trick with this show presentation.

  3. Doh! says:

    Love your Iphone? All the information is out there. 26th APRIL UK AND THE WORLD (hard to understand for you iphone users?) Snapdragon for LTE countries, Octo 8 Core for 3g Countries. £529.99 or From £31 a month. Pre-order now from many retailers. All been available since 14th March which was the Launch date. (sent from an IMAC with using Samsung Technology)

  4. S J says:

    How the S4 was launched is irrelevant. It is a much better product than anything Apple have currently or in their immediate pipeline and Apple knows it, hence, Phil ” the mouth ” Schiller’s pathetic outburst about it before it was launched. That shows just how rattled and desperate Apple are.

  5. Jon says:

    Personally, I’m not a smart phone junkie, frothing at the mouth when the next iPhone is unveiled. I have an HTC Inspire and love it. But as it is getting up there in age (about 2 years) and beginning to show it, I’ll probably be going for a Galaxy with my upgrade. I don’t think most people are fanatics, needing specs and details when the next model is announced. However, I understand why some would appreciate more clarity, as their phone is an essential tool in every day life, particularly with work. To everyone at PhonesReview – Good discussion but I think that the minority of people who anticipate a phone’s release are louder than the majority of us who can simply wait until “the next big thing is here.”

  6. Brent says:

    The person who wrote this article either is a young uneducated adolescent or a complete moron. Samsung is obviously ahead in mobile technology. Apple was great until Steve Jobs died, the company now lacks the innovation to catch up to the competition. I am grateful for how Apple changed mobile electronics however Apple’s time is over.

    1. I keep hearing that APPLE is not innovating and that Samsung is? Please do tell how the S4 is innovative? Its just an incremental upgrade over the S3, just as the Iphone 5 was. Im missing something here but it seems the general public who are not the biggest fans of APPLE keep spewing how APPLE is following. We have 3 lines on ATT with an S3 and two Iphone 5s. In my experience the Iphone is superior to the S3. The S3 screen is definitely not of the same quality regardless of the size, and the phone is much more buggy. That will be the last samsung in my stable. Next time I go Android Ill try the Nexus line and thats about it!

        1. dialogueanalog says:

          and yet its nothing about who is more innovative it is more about how samsung should perhaps take cue from apple and talk about their product rather than have a weird show which leaves some people puzzled.

  7. The person who wrote this article either is a young uneducated adolescent or a complete moron. Samsung is obviously ahead in mobile technology. Apple was great until Steve Jobs died, the company now lacks the innovation to catch up to the competition. I am grateful for how Apple changed mobile electronics however Apple’s time is over.

    1. I don’t know why almost every person who doesn’t have iDevice-hate Apple? I don’t hate people, but I keep noticing that thing, every single time, if I say now that I like my iPhone, I will be “an apple fanboy”, etc., but how come that people who have iDevice doesn’t do that too? Strange… Figure that out for yourself, but if someone do that, I call it FRUSTRATION. Call me whatever you like, but people, face it-it IS true! We are all people, the same people, would you let me die on the curb if I like iPhone?! Think about that a bit…
      The Apple, Samsung too, are rivals-we must be too? We can’t enjoy in our smartphones and talk here without insults? Why is that in your opinion? I like Apple, so what? I will not insult you because you love Android OS!
      Ahh, why to bother in the first place, be like two year old kids…

  8. who cares says:

    Am I missing something? how has this turned into a discussion about innovation? This article is about launch events not how outdated an OS is or who makes the best products. If you all look hard enough I’m sure you could find those discussions somewhere on the web!! Oh and before you ask I’m not an Apple fanboy

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