Apple using banner ad within 3D maps to advertise


We will keep this short and sweet; we are calling out to all Phones Review readers to let us know if they are seeing any Apple advertisements showing up in the Maps app.

We received an email via a Phones Review reader named Chris Leonard who sent us the photo above, which shows an Apple banner ad within Apple Maps using 3D. The ad showed up whilst searching for Birmingham, England and you can clearly see a huge banner advert splattered across a building advertising the Apple iPad.

Phones Review decided to check this out and we can confirm this is indeed true and not an April Fools joke, as usual we get sent so many emails on April 1st so we wanted to see if this was true or just a prank, and it is indeed true.

Do we really want Apple ads showing up when we search for directions within Apple Maps when using 3D Satellite? Please let us know if you find another Apple ad, we would like to know what area you see them in?


2 thoughts on “Apple using banner ad within 3D maps to advertise”

  1. Bloshruk says:

    This is just the billboards that were on the buildings at the time the photo was taken, you can see gs3 ads in Birmingham as well if you look, it’s not done as purposeful advertising

  2. TBH, Who uses 3D maps to look for directions, furthermore, if only apple users can access apples 3D maps – then why advertise? (It would be more effective to advert. on other OS, but they don’t get pretty 3D maps that apple users enjoy.

    In my opinion, even if it was to be deliberate, pretty cool and absolutely non invasive. But if apple did change the graphic on that banner to their own – it was probably to avoid copyright infringement.

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