Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 Jelly Bean 4.1.2 update touches down


Despite being busy launching new smartphones Samsung hasn’t forgot about the people that own older hardware, and are working through their line up of handsets and treating them to newer firmware. Today we have news that the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 Jelly Bean 4.1.2 update touches down for owners of the device.

Towards the end of February we told you the new software’s release was getting closer for the handset, and now owners of the Galaxy Ace 2 can upgrade their smartphone to a much better experience thanks to Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2.

As usual the update will be rolling out in stages and is also dependent on individual carriers giving the software the green light, and unlocked handsets are the first examples of the device to receive the new firmware.

This update is a big one for a device that came running the ageing Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS straight from the box, and is a bigger leap up when comparing Android ICS with Gingerbread. The new software can be downloaded via the KIES desktop application as well as over the air, and brings a number of nice features to the phone.

Besides the likes of Google Now and other Android improvements such as Project Butter that improves the performance of the device, Samsung are also providing the TouchWiz Nature UX that first made an appearance on the Galaxy S3.

If you have yet to receive a notification of the new software you can check manually yourself by connecting the device to a computer, or by heading to settings and selecting About phone > Software Update, and then selecting Check for updates.

Has your Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 received the Jelly Bean update yet?

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25 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 Jelly Bean 4.1.2 update touches down”

  1. Jimmy. Drew says:

    That’s great news but what about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2?. I don’t understand why my older DROID Max. gets an upgrade but my Note 2 still hasn’t gotten an upgrade?

  2. yourma2000 says:

    My Ace II hasn’t been updated yet, Kies is a pain to understand and nothing shows up for the software update option in Android

  3. Zoezee Coxy says:

    This is supposed to be coming out today. But there is nothing on Kies or OTA for my Ace 2, and no matter how hard I have looked there is nothing I can find that promises it directly today. I have been into Kies and about Phone setting so much today, I can barely count! It is so silly! Does anyone have any idea, as to when it is supposed to be dished out… :/

  4. Doug Brown says:

    This update is not available for my Galaxy Ace 2 bought in Thailand. Nothing on Kies or OTA. I hope this isn’t vaporware.

  5. sasori says:

    Im tired of waiting so i just flash it manualy there you go i bricked my pone haha
    Just kiding runs sm0th and i love it n0 isues samsung sucks n my country slow updates

    1. J Ryan says:

      You flashed the Portuguese MC8 firmware? Did you not experience problems with streaming video occasionally freezing up? I tried every which way to avoid that and in the end gave up and decided to revert to Gingerbread and just wait for the official UK release.

  6. J Ryan says:

    People, understand that the word was that the Jelly Bean update was being rolled out starting April 22nd. A rollout is something that happens gradually over time. Can be over a couple of weeks or over a few months. My guess is UK won’t see the upgrade till around August. The wait is killing me but at least it gives them time to iron out the kinks before it comes to is (e.g right now streaming video occasionally stutters and/or crashes on Jelly Bean).

  7. Peter says:

    My Galaxy Ace 2 (GT-I8160) received its official update to Jellybean 4.1.2 (via Kies) over a week ago (now 11th June). I have an unlocked version of this phone.

  8. Donna says:

    My Samsung Galaxy Ace 2x (GT-S7560M) It says in my settings that there is no update available. Do I just keep waiting or can I update it with an easy, and short way? PLEASE HELP ME! I’ve been trying for a really long time and it’s really annoying.

  9. dotty says:

    Mine received it last week and I have nothing but problems with it. Its so slow now and freezes and can only get it to work again by removing the battery. Hope they sort out a fix for this soon because its now slower than my ancient iphone 3..

  10. Patricia Mc Guire says:

    Im still waiting on my upgrade galaxy ace2 GT I8160l…plz dont make me regret buying this phone . Awaiting the upgrade ASAP tnx in advvance .Trinidad and Tobago

  11. Sally says:

    I’ve tried checking for updates by going to About Phone > Software Update and it says there are no updates available. I’m still running Android 2.3.6 on my Ace 2. Have other UK users really been upgraded to JellyBean? How?

  12. Nikki B says:

    i’m based in the UK and my phone automatically updated via Kies days ago.
    After being initially impressed by the new JB interface, I am now frustrated with the sluggish behaviour of my phone while running 4.1.2. I want Gingerbread back now!!

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