Twilight app for Android promises a good night’s sleep


Most of us at one time or another will have suffered from insomnia or had trouble dropping off to sleep lying awake for ages watching the clock go round. Modern technology has meant there are more ways to help with this away from visiting the doctor and there are a growing number of applications that can be of help. Today we have news of a free app for Android users called Twilight that promises a good night’s sleep after spending time looking at a mobile display.

There will be many of us that spend time before going to bed looking at a smartphone or tablet display, and it is thought that doing such activities can make it harder for people to drop off to sleep. Recent research has found that the blue light omitted from these types of displays can have a negative effect on your natural body rhythm, which in turn can prevent you dropping off to sleep.

This can see a delay in falling to sleep by at least an hour but this is where the clever Twilight application comes in, and simply adjusts the screen brightness of your mobile device depending on the time of day.

It will filter the blue spectrum of the smartphone or tablet that you are using after the sun has gone down, and will protect your eyes with a soft red filter that is adjusted to the cycle of the sun based on your locations sunset and sunrise times.

Since the Twilight app was made available on the Google Play Store the app has received mainly positive reviews although some have companied about the notification icon, but it’s worth giving the app a try considering it’s free.

Do you have trouble sleeping after spending time using a smartphone or tablet?

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