Siri keeping users secrets for years


With the modern digital age it has meant more of our personal information is stored in a variety of locations that we don’t have much control over, and now it has emerged that Siri is storing user’s secrets for years.

Apple introduced its Siri voice assistant feature with the launch of the iPhone 4S, but the company has now confirmed that it hangs on to users voice commanded data for two years unless the user switches off the Siri feature then this data is immediately deleted.

The company did also reveal that the data is anonymised after six months so Apple doesn’t know then who has asked what. This information was provided by the company to Wired after some concerns were raised about privacy.

This data is collected by Apple so it can continue to improve the service further and make upgrades, and when a user asks Siri a question this data is sent over to Apple’s servers so the company can then analyse it. This is associated with a randomly generated ID number instead of a users Apple ID or their email address.

This news may concern some users though and as the service is still less than two years old all the information that you have provided Siri still exists somewhere, and can be listened to by some unknown Apple engineer.

Does this news concern you?


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  1. Is this concerning me? Hell NO, I don’t want to do anything bad to anyone so I think, I’m pretty ok with it. And what if some engineer want to listen some crap I’ve been telling to Siri, like I care for that stuff… I’m not VIP or Celebrity, maybe they can care about it?:)

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