Enigma Recovery launches iPhone data revival software


The Smartphone Recovery Pro is a brand new software product recently launched by Enigma Recovery. This innovative product allows the user to recover deleted or lost information from their iPhone. The software is available in downloadable form, which is quick to activate through the insertion of a license code. The user-friendly interface makes the process of retrieving and recovering lost information from your iPhone very simple.

If you have accidentally deleted files from your iPhone such as SMS text messages, call logs, contacts and calendar items, these can all be recovered. For those who have lost a phone, data can be retrieved through their iTunes back up files. Alternatively this software can be used as a means of safeguarding data files by retrieving and exporting data, including photos and videos, to a secure location on your computer to protect against future loss.

It has also been noted for its monitoring uses, such as controlling your child’s smartphone usage and preventing them from accessing inappropriate content through access to web browsing history.

To enhance consumer’s usability and product experience, a free 14-day trial is available for download. The trial is feature limited allowing prospective users to familiarise themselves with the user interface and get an insight into the full capabilities of the software. The trial displays the total number of existing and deleted data entries that would be visible with a full version of the software. Additionally one file per existing data type can be viewed in the trial period, instilling confidence in the user before any purchase is made.

Users can upgrade during or after the trial period to the full version of the software by purchasing an activation code for $79.99, which will provide unlimited access to all of the retrieval and recovery features of the Smartphone Recovery Pro. However Enigma Recovery is currently running a 40% introductory discount.

Once purchased, the software can be used with an unlimited number of devices and users are eligible for all future enhancements and upgrades free of charge. The Smartphone Recovery Pro is available in two versions; the ER210 is compatible with Mac, and the ER211 is compatible with Windows based PCs.

For more information please visit: http://www.enigma-recovery.com/smartphone-recovery-pro-trial

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