HTC One with Dual SIM and MicroSD support release set


There is no doubting that the HTC One is an excellent smartphone that will be giving the competition in 2013 a run for their money, and that includes anything that Apple or Samsung brings to the table. Now a new version of the HTC One with Dual SIM and MicroSD support has had its release date set.

The HTC One has been widely praised by consumers that already have the device in their hands, while some users have been seeing a software update to improve the camera even further. Now a new version has been officially announced after leaking earlier this month that has dual SIM and microSD support.

Unfortunately this version is only going to be available in China and on all major carriers in the country, and is set to be available directly from HTC on April 26th. The rear cover comes off the device to reveal the slots for the various cards but it doesn’t seem that the battery is removable by the user.

At the time of writing no pricing has been set for the device but having microSD support will be welcome news for some potential purchasers of the handset. Having no option of extending the internal memory further is arguably the only criticism that can be levelled at the HTC One, and it’s not known if this version will have different microphone technology after the recent injunction Nokia won against the smartphone.

Do you wish that HTC released this version of the HTC One elsewhere?

Source and Image: Engadget China via Google Translate.


6 thoughts on “HTC One with Dual SIM and MicroSD support release set”

  1. vperl says:

    Yes, grasshopper. Release it in the USA, USA, USA …

    OK, maybe not,..why should the USA have the great phone, that would not be equatable .. Where are those two cans and a string ? (reference lost to many children )

    1. bazz says:

      Chinese versions have certain restrictions, ie you cannot connect to google or use the Google Play Store, you HAVE to use the Chinese equivilants (weiboa or something). Its hardware locked not be able to connect and you also cannot ‘flash’ a leter estern version of android.
      I know, I bought a Samsung Note 2 with dual sim, only available in China.
      I thought I could flash load a newer version of android later and get passed the google restriction. In Hong Kong and Singapore I was told impossible.
      Iver just realised that was in Samsung shops and maybe some backstreet guy could do it.
      Anyway FYI.

  2. Alban says:

    I don’t understand why this is only released in China?
    Its like the HTC J and HTC J/Butterfly/Droid/DNA, if they had been released worldwide it would have been a big boost for the company.

    (Apple and Samsung wouldnt be the top selling brands if they only released their top models in only one or a very few selective countries)

    I need to get new phone soon, I was tempted to wait for the ‘infamous’ One to appear in red …but I would love to see this model in the UK.

  3. 47driver says:

    I just saw one for sale in Turkey. 699Tl ($380). I liked the look and feel of it, but wasn’t sure about handing over nearly $400. Maybe I should have. Anyone need me to pick one up for you?

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