iPad mini 2 release delay is sloppy and questionable


While at one time rubbishing smaller tablet devices Apple eventually gave the world the iPad mini that has sold well since it first became available, but now there is more talk of the iPad mini 2 being delayed that could see a cheaper model becoming available.

It is being claimed that Apple is having difficulty producing enough Retina displays for the iPad mini 2, and that the company wouldn’t have anything ready to release to the masses before October. This comes from respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities that has reported before about similar problems on a number of Apple products due for release this year.

Because mass production may not start until October Apple is being tipped by Kuo to possibly introduce a more affordable iPad mini model to take on the increasing amount of cheaper Android devices becoming available.

The company is allegedly having problems squeezing enough pixels into the smaller display to justify calling it a Retina Display and the low cost model could be priced at around the $199 or the $249 level.

It is being suggested that Apple could do a few things to lower the cost of the iPad mini such as taking away the rear camera or only having 8GB of internal storage, which surely wouldn’t appeal to many considering there would be no way of expanding this further.

There have been a number of rumours recently about both the iPad mini 2 along with the full size iPad 5, and we may get to hear something officially at WWDC 2013 taking place in June.

Phones Review Says: Many websites are claiming that the iPad mini 2 is being delayed, but we would question this because how can something be delayed if there was no official release date in the beginning.


2 thoughts on “iPad mini 2 release delay is sloppy and questionable”

  1. worduser says:

    No not a cheaper one if corners are cut. The report about the screen and Retina is also rubbish. If they can put Retina on a small iPhone 5 screen and one at 9.7″ what’s the problem with one in the middle? The new mini 2 should be out now, there are plenty of buyers waiting for it, including me.

  2. I agree, I’m waiting to buy the 7-8″ tablet before summer vacations (I need a smaller tablet for traveling, Skype international calls, email, Internet, online books, magazines and internet radio and TV shows) and I’m considering Apple mini with LTE and better screen or the new Nexus 7 with LTE, whichever comes first. I need good back camera as well, I use it extensively in my existing iPad 3 (it’s a little bit too heavy for traveling, especially holding in hands while reading, scanning, Skyping, taking pictures, watching TV or gaming comfortably) for Skype video calls (I need to share something with better resolution ..) and the tablet scanning and faxing applet which is very handy to remember something I would otherwise need to write and especially, if I need to quickly authorize (sign) anything. That’s holding my purchase of existing Nexus 7 as I need the back camera and I would even trade it with LTE and live with 3G for the time being… but that’s me. As Apple is concerned, they should understand that the existing price tag for mini is not an issue as long as you keep the quality/features intact … for those who buy Apple products! And last but not the least, The introduction of iPad 4 just 5 months after introducing iPad 3 was not a nice gesture by Apple. Last year they break previous product cycle to increase their profit for Q1 2013 (holiday season), now WE (the consumers) rightfully expect more from them if they want to continue selling their products to us …. As it looks now, Android being better every day, they thankfully have the competition in quality, features and performance …