HTC One battery life now at 4800 mAh


If you own the HTC One and 2300 mAh is simply not enough, how does 4800 mAh sound? Even more juice for watching videos, playing games and surfing the Internet, things just got a whole lot better.

Earlier on today we published an article discussing the HTC One battery life compared to the Samsung Galaxy S4, and both of these devices are on par with each other. This has now changed because the new HTC One battery life gets boosted from 2300 mAh to 4800 mAh thanks to the new Mophie Juice Pack for HTC One.

This new Mophie Juice Pack adds another 2500 mAh to the HTC One, not only is the design of the battery booster case very sexy, it only adds a little more thickness to the HTC One going from 9.3mm to 17.018mm, it also adds a mere 1.5cm on the bottom.

The Mophie case does cover the volume buttons but these can still be used thanks to the rocker buttons on the Mophie.

The external battery doesn’t really spoil the HTC One, and this is down to the zero-gap unibody design of the phone. Yes you can still use the HTC One as a universal remote; the Mophie Juice Pack case features a pass-through design.

The HTC One Mophie Juice Pack is priced at $99.95 and can be purchased direct from the Mophie website. At the moment the only colour you can buy is the black case, the silver one will be released in the middle of this month (May).

Will you be doubling up your battery life by purchasing the Mophie Juice pack?


12 thoughts on “HTC One battery life now at 4800 mAh”

  1. Bbbbb says:

    You are a big fan of Htc i can see it from all your post, always trying to give more points to Htc rather than SGS4 .just tell the truth and be honest.

        1. Bbbbb says:

          It is not just about this article it is from all the post that has to do with samsung gs4 ,i am a daily visitor of this page and i like it very much so i dont want to be disspointed .thanks anyway .

          1. das says:

            htc one sucks hard ,its made of shitty recycled beer cans ,its slow ,no sd card slot ,the camera looks like its from 2005 ,its clunky looking and outdated and ugly and THICK, its not even a unibody ,its several bits

          2. Sevenofclubs says:

            That’s why Samsung had to pay reviewers to say the HTC one is bad. Samsung it self knows the s4 is rubbish all they have ever done is copy others ideas . I don’t want to know what you dress like or look likeif you think the HTC one is ugly lol. the HTC one is thin what do you a paper thin phone. Lolololol the camera is 4 times better on the HTC. Go play with your overpriced fisher pricee toy boy

          3. John Mortimer says:

            No they got the wrong idea to what they needed to do, anyways gs4 just got a firmware update to the camera and now does better photos with the flash in the dark than the HTC one with flash (not without flash due to the setup), testing it last night very good on night club over my girl friend HTC one

          4. John Mortimer says:

            That’s the big thing with the gs4 Samsung will keep updating the sofeware unlike htc

          5. Sevenofclubs says:

            That’s why the HTC got an update recently as well which improved the camera even more. BTW I heard there is no app2sd supported on the s4… Of course Samsung are going to deny it they can never promote their own phone on their own merits instead they have to ridicule other phones and their users.

      1. Bbbbb says:

        Of course it is wrong becouse he is here to inform us about all phones not just Htc or whatever,you as a visitor can support any kind of phone but dhe admins must be equal .

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