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As Apple’s WWDC 2013 event nears there is an increasing amount of interest in the next iteration of the company’s mobile operating system, iOS 7. WWDC this year runs from June 10 to 14 and many are anticipating the first showing of iOS 7 although there have recently been reports that it may not be ready just yet. Today we have details and a video of a new imagining of iOS 7 that shows real promise.

If you’re reading this then you’re probably already aware that the design of iOS 7 is heading in a very different direction with many reports claiming a move away from skeuomorphism to a much flatter, cleaner look. While we wait to hear more about this we’ve been bringing readers some looks at concept designs for iOS 7 and we’ve been pretty pleased with some of the ideas we’ve seen so far.

Regular Phones Review readers may remember two concept videos for iOS 7 from designer Mohamed Kerroudj that we showed back in March. These showed the creation of a stylish and clean UI with new-lock screen, in-line notifications, changes to Settings toggles and more. You can see those videos at our post here. Kerroudj has now come up with the third in his series of iOS 7 mockups, which focuses on the dashboard feature.

This new iOS 7 concept design shows a very flat UI and so could really fit the bill for the real deal that Apple guru Sir Jonathan Ive is involved in this time around. The video shows an innovative repositioning of the multitasking bar to the left that we feel would be popular, as well as other new ideas.

When the genuine iOS 7 is finally revealed it will be really interesting to see how close some of these concepts came to reality. You can check out the latest YouTube video from Kerroudj below this story and once you’ve looked at it we’d love to hear what you think of this concept look? Send us your comments to let us know.


7 thoughts on “iOS 7 new imagining shows promising innovative features”

  1. Harbmaster says:

    From what I understand I hear there will be a radical design change but not a system change. I don’t think they are going to reposition any of the system but change the look of it mainly. I just hope ios 7, besides gettin a design change, gets new features since ios 6 barely had anything new. I would like to see icloud photo album sync where any album I create and add photos too will sync also to my ipad and I can go to my ipad and lock it in so if I delete it off my phone it stays on my ipad. I want album creating from Facebook upload in the photos menu or simply replace the photos app with iPhoto. File transfer via icloud where I can send a file to someone using icloud, I think that will solve dilemmas. I want haptic feedback very bad. Quick action for any notifications so that if I get a notification I can handle it right than and there and reply to a message from there or for other apps will let you respond to the action through the notification; so if I get a text I can respond to it from the notification banner or if someone messages me on Facebook I can reply from the banner. Let the banner be used to notify you if it needs only to notify you or respond if the app notifies you about something which you can respond too. All it would need is for any push notification, wether through apple or local, to respond to the app through a local notification. I want safari download and safari upload for convents from any supporting app. I want profiles, in a way, that automatically shut down certain systems when I arrive at a place so when I leave my house wifi turns on and data turns off or if I arrive at home or work, vice versa. Change the look of the contacts app, it’s dull. Have do not disturb also allow text messages from someone on your favorites. Add in a call or text block feature into the phone so that I can block people that are harassing me, yes I can go through the carrier but that doesn’t stop iMessage. Allow notifications to act different in the lock screen vs past the lock screen. When on the lock screen Id like my messages to remain private and no content showed but when I am past the lockscreen I would like any notification to show me contents. Iphone 5, please allow the camera to take pictures in the same aspect it takes a video, I want my pictures to come out long like they do in videos or when you take a picture from within a video. Allow calendar invitations to be handled via SMS. Some people don’t use calendars because they don’t use an email address and although it is free that doesn’t stop them from not using it even though they want to but just don’t understand how. Allow five icons in the dock, I don’t know anyone that has only four important apps, increase it to five. Bluetooth file transfer,even only from iphone to iphone, built in natively. It’s useless when everyone uses a different app and we have to download the same app to transfer a stupid file over Bluetooth. Might as well have it built in. I want to be able to upload music to music all from my phone from songs that I download. It’s my phone and my built in music player so I should at the least have that right! I think apple should also develop wireless hard drive that you can upload all of your information too from where so long as you have Internet, that way you don’t use up all of your phone space but you also have all of your content easily accessible.

  2. Companion says:

    Looks a lot like Windows 8. Apple may have run out of mojo. Now it seems to be copying. I hope it is just the first impression and something really cool and new will show up.

  3. Alex says:

    Im a huge apple fanboy but there are a few things i really want them to add and that is iFile, widgets, an option to delete apps like passbook and newstand. Also it wouldnt hurt to add live wallpapers and color keyboards.
    R.I.P Steve Jobs

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