FB stalking app and scams to boot


There are millions of you that have a Facebook account, and yes we would love to know who has viewed our profiles. As far as we know, to date this cannot be done. Yes there are apps out there such as ‘Stalker – Facebook Notifier’ for Android devices, but this is purely to access your Facebook account and it will notify you anytime a select list of friends has updated their status.

We often go to our Facebook wall and see statuses suggesting we can see who has viewed our profile, but these are merely scams that can lead you into deep problems.

When such links on Facebook are clicked these will lead you to a page with surveys on them, or fraudulent websites that could potentially steal your credentials, and in worse case scenarios hack into your device and send a malicious malware such as Trojans.

The Facebook team is working hard on these scams and we are seeing less of the stalker statuses, just remember not to click on such links suggesting they can show you who have viewed your profile.

There is one app like we said above called ‘Stalker – Facebook Notifier’ and this app allows Android users to get Facebook notifications. As soon as a friend has updated their status it will notify you, not too sure we can call this a FB stalking app but hey ho, its up to you if you want to install or not.

Personally we say the standard Facebook notifications are better, there is no real difference to be honest. All we know is, you cannot see who has viewed your profile.

Have you been conned into clicking FB Stalking app links?

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