Travel With Confidence: Worldictionary – Instant Translation & Search App Review


If you are a world traveler, this is an app you cannot go without. At only £2.49, it’s time to invest in the Worldictionary – Instant Translation & Search by Penpower Technology.

You will not want to go a day without this app once you begin exploring its many capabilities. Soon enough, you might even become fluent in the language of your choice.

This app has some of the most amazing capabilities. Who would have thought you could simply take a picture, tap a picture, or say a word and have it translated in your preferred language.

The hype is all about the latest version 4.3.0. In the past, you would be required to have online capabilities to receive your translations through web 2.0 programs such as YouTube, Wikipedia, or even Google. Now, there are several in-app purchases to include offline dictionaries available to help you navigate the world.

The creators of this app have partnered with some of the most trusted and respected producers of dictionaries in the world to include Collins. You are sure to receive accurate translations relevant to the meaning of the country you are in.

Penpower Technology has really topped themselves with this version by offering offline dictionaries to complement the world. This includes: Collins English-French Dictionary £2.99, Collins English-Japanese Dictionary £2.99, Collins English-Spanish Dictionary £2.99, Transtar Chinese-English Dictionary £1.49, Collins English-Russian Dictionary £2.99, as well as Collins English-German Dictionary £2.99, Collins English-Italian Dictionary £2.99, Transtar Chinese-Japanese Dictionary £1.49, Collins English-Korean Dictionary £2.99, and Collins English-Chinese Dictionary (Traditional Chinese) £2.99.

There are several languages. Whatever you prefer, you are sure to find a dictionary in their new in-app purchases offline dictionary library.

App lovers are raving about the new version of this app. They can’t get enough of all the features especially the offline dictionary. Here’s what they are saying:

Pros: This is a brilliant app, I can’t live without this tool and it is a great price for such a valuable tool.

Cons: Earlier versions of the iPhone will have problems auto focusing so its not recommended for earlier iPhone devices

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